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August 9, 2014

Daniel Nestor


THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Canadian tennis is getting a lot of attention now with Eugenie and Milos, but doubles still doesn't get quite as much love.  Can you talk a bit about how that feels to you?
DANIEL NESTOR:  Well, I'm used to it, but it was nice to play in a big court today and in front of a big crowd.  You know, that's how it is.  We understand that singles is the main attraction and that we're kind of the warmup act.
I think Rogers Cup does a good job of doing it where we lead, you know, the session and then the singles follows, because I think if it was the opposite, you know, people might leave and the crowd would be scarce.
I think it's good that they do it this way.

Q.  This is I guess No. 26 for you in Canada.  What are your memories of the first time that you played, and how has it changed in the 26 years?
DANIEL NESTOR:  Yeah, I mean, I just remember being in the singles draw.  If I would have won I would have played John McEnroe.  For some reason I thought that I was going to play him.  So I was all nervous about that.
Obviously at 16 you're not going to win too many matches in any main draw.  I lost my first match.  It wasn't even an issue.
I remember playing a good doubles match and taking Mecir and Srejber to three sets.  Pretty good team.

Q.  You were going for I guess your third title here.  Came awfully close but didn't quite get there.  Overall are you pleased with your performance in general this week?
DANIEL NESTOR:  Yeah, I mean, it's just another week.  This is how it's been pretty much all year.  Couple points here and there.
Yesterday we won a match that we easily could have lost, and today we didn't really play great but we fought hard and they were just a little more consistent than we were.  They played the big points a little bit better, and, you know, they deserved to win.

Q.  I wonder if you could speak to sort of the placement of this particular tournament in the schedule of the year.  People obviously have that little break after Wimbledon, and then it's not quite the US Open.  People are trying to peak for NewYork.  Is it tough to perform at your best in Toronto or Montreal this time of year?
DANIEL NESTOR:  I think that's the case more of, you know, the top singles players maybe aren't as motivated here as they would be in New York.  But everyone else, it's a big tournament and there is points and money at stake.  I think everyone is pretty much on top of their game.
Maybe guys like Djokovic obviously as we saw wasn't anywhere near what he's normally at.  And Nadal doesn't want to take the risk of being injured at the US Open.
So these things like that, and unfortunately that's the tennis calendar for you.  There is 52 weeks or 40 weeks, I don't know, 46 weeks of whatever it is tournaments, so it's a long schedule, and it's hard to place all the tournaments where they would be happy respectively.
It's just part of it.  Unfortunately for Toronto, I'm sure they'd love to have the Cincinnati week, but, you know, that's the way it is.  It's always going to be that way.  We do get the top players here, which is still nice.

Q.  You have had an amazingly lengthy career.  Can you talk about how doubles has changed in that time?
DANIEL NESTOR:  Well, I mean, it's somewhat similar to singles, the fact that they slowed the courts down, the balls down.  A lot of guys are playing much more from the baseline.  They'll serve and stay back, and it almost looks like women's doubles sometimes with the cross‑court rallies from the baseline.
You know, guys are bigger, stronger, just like in singles, serving bigger, returning better, and more athletic for sure.
I think from my standpoint just spending more time in the gym has enabled me to hang in there. You know, it's obvious that doubles is less physical than singles.  You can play a little bit longer.

Q.  Do you intend to be back for 2016?
DANIEL NESTOR:  I don't know.  It obviously would be nice.  Right now I feel good and healthy.  I'm enjoying it.  So I can't really answer that.  It depends on health, for sure.

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