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August 9, 2014

Grigor Dimitrov


J. TSONGA/G. Dimitrov
6‑4, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  How did you feel today?  How do you think he played?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  You know, it's not an easy loss for me considering that I had played such a good match yesterday.  I thought he played a good match, but I think I didn't raise up the bar, didn't raise up the level the way I wanted to.
Still, I have to take the positive side of the week.  Coming to Cincinnati I feel quite good, you know.  I don't put my head down for a second here, because it's a good progress for me.
But I'm still disappointed with the loss.  I'm not gonna hide that.
I have to think positive.  There is a lot of tournaments coming ahead.  US Open is around the corner.  I've got to make sure I'm fresh and ready.

Q.  The four break points at the end of the first set, how do you view those and your chances?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  He served good.  I mean, not much else I could do.  You have your chances.  Today things were just not leaning on my side.  You have a couple of chances.  You couldn't make the break.  That of course caused a lot of ‑‑ everything starting to be tougher for you, especially against a big server like Jo.
He came up with the goods today when he needed to, and basically that was it.  And I didn't think I played good tennis.

Q.  Just a little bit more about facing Jo's serve.  I mean, he's got a big serve.  Other players also have big serves, as well.  Is there something about facing Jo's serve that's more challenging than others, and if so, how?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  I think everyone is serving big nowadays.  I mean, every time the ball comes fast I don't see that much of a difference.
Of course everyone has his own patterns of serving.  I think Jo has a little bit more variety in general, but there is not that much of a difference.
Kevin served big also yesterday.  This is not an excuse.

Q.  About the supporters that were cheering for you, did that help you or did that lift you today?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  It's been unbelievable, I must say.  Everywhere I turn, there was Bulgarian flags and support was amazing.
I think the whole tournament ‑‑ and I have to say thanks also to all the volunteers, because I think there is a lot of people in the background that does not get credit at all.  You know, it's something that they deserve.
You know, to have such a big event with such a crowd and everyone working around, you know, it takes a big effort.

Q.  The match seemed very close right up until the end.  Maybe those last two games, could you just describe how those last two games went where he put it away?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  A little sloppy.  I must say a little sloppy.  He was guiding with the wind, basically.  He felt that he was on top of the game, so he was reading my serves, reading the shots that I wanted to play.
So, you know, I know the feeling when you're like that.  It's a magnificent feeling that whatever comes comes into you and you know what to expect.  I think that's what happened in the past games.
Even though I kept myself mentally pretty strong, in a way that wasn't enough because my game wasn't as good as I wanted to.  So in a way I had to accept it, but I thought I fought to the last point.  I give myself credit for that.

Q.  Were you feeling fatigued at all in that second set after a tough three‑hour match yesterday and playing in the hot sun there?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  No, I mean, not really.  It's something that my body is ready to face.  I think today was just a little bit different.  Obviously I had a shorter period of time to really get my body going, considering that I played three hours yesterday and I think Jo finished way earlier than me.  So of course that gives you a bit of an advantage.
But, you know, to me this is just part of the game.  It's in the game, and I can't find any, you know, any excuses.  There is no need to.

Q.  You are one of the youngest in not only top 100 but top 10.  The other day Roger was asked, Don't you think that there are too many good players and too few titles?  What is your strategy?  What is your plan to keep gaining titles to stay in top 10 and maybe even get closer to the No. 1?
GRIGOR DIMITROV:  Well, you've got to win, got to win tournaments.  That's No. 1, goal No. 1, that's for sure.  (Smiling.)
No, it's a long road.  I think throughout all the years I think tennis has changed so much in a way that it's very hard for sort of the younger generation, as everyone has been calling us, to get out there and win majors and consecutive big tour titles.  I think it is not as easy as it was before.
I think we, in a way, we are all aware of that.  So I think, you know, of course I give ourselves a bit of credit that at least we, you know, we're trying really hard for all those things, but I believe our time will come the same way.
I think of course it is definitely slower.  Of course, you know, if you think about it, all the top guys that are out there now have been winning majors at 22, 23, 24.
But you never know where your‑‑ you know, I don't want to call luck, because it's not luck because you work every day to get to that point and compete for a title, but you never know when you're going to get out there and play for the big trophy.

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