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August 9, 2014

Henrik Stenson


Q.  Talk about your round and position for tomorrow?
HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah, well, we're not going to go know that for sure for a little while.  I know I will have improved compared to what I started the day, I would have thought.
Again, like I said before, it's three and a half days hard work to try to be there for the back nine when it all matters.
Hopefully I can get off to another good start tomorrow.  I was very quick out of the blocks today.  I hit some great shots early on.  Made a couple of birdies.  I birdied 1 and 4, and with a bit of luck it could have been another 2.  I had some great chances in the first four holes.
Caught a bit of a bad lie on 5 and dropped one there, but after that it was good stuff all the way around and just mis‑hit my tee shot on 15, ended up in the rough and went for the middle of the green.  I made good contact on that 6‑iron out of the thick stuff, but it was shooting out a bit to the right, caught the branches and went in the water for the second time this week.
Great putts from about 20 feet, saved bogey, kept the momentum and then I finished with the two birdies.  Very happy with the way I played.  My long game was much better today, similar to the first round.  Hit some really quality long irons, 5 and 6‑irons, really close.  I didn't make all of the putts, but the putter was still behaving nicely.  All in all, a good round and I'm happy with the way I'm playing.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
HENRIK STENSON:  No, I'm still going to play the way that I'm playing, hopefully as good as I did today and play the course the same way.  You have got to be there on the back nine.  I prefer to be two ahead, but if I'm two behind you know you're in with a chance if you drain a couple of good putts and hit some good shots.
It's all about positioning, being there.  You never what can happen.  I've been up there a few times.  I haven't had the best chances of winning one of the big ones in the past, even though I've had some high finished.  It's always been a couple too many away, I feel.
Hopefully tomorrow I can make it a little bit tighter on the back nine.  Again, I'm focusing on my stuff and we'll see what happens.

Q.  Do you have a number in mind that you want to get to tomorrow?
HENRIK STENSON:  I thought when I started today if I could shoot 5‑under today and 5‑under tomorrow, 15‑under, might have a reasonable chance at it.  We'll see what the guys finish on to today.
18 is playing pretty short.  I'm sure there will be someone picking up a few coming in.  I wouldn't be surprised if 12‑under is leading, maybe 13 possibly.
On a Sunday it's normally a little bit harder to make birdies on a Sunday on the back nine.  We'll see, 15 might do it.  That takes some golfing on my end to get to 15.  It's not going to be for lack of trying.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
HENRIK STENSON:  I think the golf course, there's a couple of tough holes out there.  There's also some birdie chances.  If you are playing good iron shots in, when they're this soft, the ball is stopping straightaway and it was actually less problems with spinning them back.  Given how soft they were, I thought it might be a bigger issue to try and hold the ball where it lands, but they seem to almost plug when they land.  You can be pretty aggressive into the flags.
You have got to take your chances when you have them and be a bit more patient on some of the other holes.  5‑under is definitely a score out there.  We have seen that a couple of times already.  We'll try tomorrow.

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