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August 8, 2014

Andy Murray


J. TSONGA/A. Murray
7‑6, 4‑6, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Is there anything you saw in Tsonga's game, when you were up the break in the third set, is there anything you saw different in his game than we have seen in the past that he was able to not come unglued and roar back like that?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ I think I'd probably have to watch the points back, but I know the game I got broken back I played a very bad game.
I missed a forehand at Love‑30.テつ I double‑faulted at Love‑15.テつ And, yeah, I played a couple of loose points in that period in the third set.
I mean, he definitely served well.テつ The beginning of the match he served extremely well.テつ He served a lot of aces.
You know, I had to play around my return position quite a lot, and I started to get into more service games the second and third set, but I thought it was a high‑level match with a few games by both of us in the second and third sets that were a bit scrappy.テつ But apart from those games I thought the level was very good.

Q.テつ You had some taping on your knee today.テつ Is that a problem or did that affect you in the first set?テつ It looked as though perhaps your movement wasn't quite what it had been in the first match.
ANDY MURRAY:テつ Well, it was a very different match today.テつ It was much quicker pace.テつ A lot of that has to do with the way that Jo plays and the way he was serving in the first set.
I think, you know, when you come back onto the hard courts after a break and not playing any matches for five weeks, you know, you feel things are a little bit sore but nothing to be concerned about.

Q.テつ How big do you see the difference between the Jo you beat in Miami and today's?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ I mean, it's very hard to compare.テつ Tennis and sport really can change a lot from one day to the next.テつ You wake up on the wrong side of the bed, which maybe he did in Miami and I played a good match, that can happen.
You know, it's different conditions here.テつ It's definitely quicker, that's for sure.テつ But, yeah, it's hard to say.テつ Jo is a top player.テつ He's a fantastic athlete.テつ When his game is on, he's very tough to beat.

Q.テつ Having your opponent withdraw yesterday, how did that factor in at all in terms of your approach today?テつ And did it factor in?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ I don't think so.テつ I mean, from my side it's just disappointing because right now it's important to play matches.テつ You know, maybe like towards the end of the season it's not always such a bad thing when you're tired and stuff.テつ But if you have had a break for a while, you know, ideally you want to try and play as many matches as you can right now.
But in terms of that, it didn't have any bearing on today's match.

Q.テつ It was pretty hot out there today.テつ I was wondering if the sun was affecting you or affecting your game plan and the way you were executing shots today.
ANDY MURRAY:テつ No, not in terms of the way that I played.テつ I think for both of us towards the end of the second set and most of the third set from the far side of the court where we walk onto the court, it was tricky to serve.
From down there the sun is right there and in your eye.テつ So you have to adjust your ball toss a little bit and take some pace off.テつ We both got broken a couple of times from that end of the court.
But in terms of‑‑ yeah, to me, it didn't feel unbelievably hot on the court or physically that draining.

Q.テつ On to Cincinnati next.テつ What will you be taking from this match and going forward?テつ What will you be working on over the next week going into the US Open?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ Well, I want to try and play matches there.テつ That's really what I need.テつ You know, when you play a lot of matches like closing matches out, it becomes easier, and also, you know, a couple of times when I got broken today or immediately after I broke serve, that happened in the second set and in the third pretty much.テつ So there are things that become easier with matches and that's really what I need right now.
But I felt, like I say, I felt like I was hitting the ball well.テつ I served well, especially in the beginning part of the match, and I moved good.テつ So just maybe some bad decisions at the wrong time cost me today.

Q.テつ At this point in your career, how important is it for you to be in the chase for another slam title?テつ Which one do you see as would be the most special for you?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ Well, I mean, obviously Wimbledon is particularly special because it's the home slam.テつ But trying to win one I haven't won before is also a big goal and motivation for me.テつ The Australian Open, I have come close quite a few times there and played some of my best tennis but not quite managed to win there.テつ That would be a big goal for me.
And, you know, to try to reach the final of the French Open is also something I would like to try to do.テつ I have been to the semis a couple of times there, so that's also something I would like to try and achieve before I finish.

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