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August 8, 2014

Jerry Smith


Q.テつ Talk about your first PGA Championship?
JERRY SMITH:テつ I kind of realized kind of where I'm kind of trending towards and that's obviously the senior ranks and the Champions Tour and stuff.テつ It was a great experience.テつ It was great coming out here and just to see how good the PGA TOUR is today.テつ I mean, I'm just so impressed with the talent that's out there.テつ I know Tiger several years ago set the bar.テつ You see the guys coming out, they are just athletic.テつ They just hit it a long way.テつ This is a big golf course and you still see 9‑under par leading this golf tournament and 70‑plus guys are within ten shots.
Looking at the leaderboard yesterday, 30 of the Top‑50 guys were foreign players.テつ It's great for me to come out and experience that.テつ I never got in the PGA during my years on Tour, so proud of that.テつ But I see what I need to work on, so it was good for that.テつ Playing some in Europe, so I'm anxious to get over there to try to work on some of the weaknesses get to work and hopefully improve my game a little bit.

Q.テつ Did we see the last of you point PGA Professional National Championship?
JERRY SMITH:テつ Probably.テつ I'm going to play enough events this year that it's probably going to take me out of this category.テつ Things have been different the last year, the job I had, I might have looked at continuing to pursue that.テつ But not to say that a few years down the road, I may go back to that.テつ So who knows, we'll see.

Q.テつ You're the tournament director for‑‑
JERRY SMITH:テつ Back Tee Sports is luxury golf outings.テつ We have about eight or ten of us that do them so we are all kind of positioned in a different place around the country.テつ The office is in California but the guys are all over.テつ Yeah, we do outings, like I said, they are just high‑end corporate outings.テつ We go to some of the great resorts around the country, host clients, play golf and give instruction and that kind of stuff.テつ I've been doing that off and on for the last four or five years and like I said I was in Casper, Wyoming at Three Crowns Golf Club last year as the head golf professional.
I'll continue to do some of those golf outings when I have a chance.テつ The nice thing about The European Tour is it's really a short season.テつ There's really only maybe a dozen tournaments.テつ So it allows me to be able to do some other things.

Q.テつ You probably recognize the names over there, players that had a second chapter in their life on the European Senior Tour?
JERRY SMITH:テつ Tim won at least two times his first year and there are several guys over there playing.テつ That's one of the reasons why I look to play over there, some of the players encouraged me to go to Qualifying School, and I really have enjoyed it.テつ I've enjoyed the people over there, the way the events are run, the golf courses.テつ It's just given me a place to play and work on my game a little bit more, which is what I need.

Q.テつ These two days here for you, just a matter of adjustment on so many different levels for you?
JERRY SMITH:テつ I drove the ball well enough.テつ I didn't miss many fairways to be honest.テつ I just had so many long approaches, and hitting off bentgrass fairways, trying to get the ball up in the air a little bit more than maybe I should, rather than just play the shot.
You know, I just didn't do very well on the greens.テつ I wasn't very good out of the bunkers this week.テつ And my putting has been an issue, really.テつ That's one of the issues I had kind of when I left the Tour.テつ So I'm still working on trying to figure that out.テつ I actually went to a claw grip, which is something new for me, and it felt better.テつ I wouldn't say that I made that many more putts.テつ I still have some work on that end.
Just couldn't make enough birdies, really, out there, and like I said, my short game was the biggest disappointment.

Q.テつ Your brother was with you; how many others?
JERRY SMITH:テつ My brother and sister in law were down.テつ He's been a great PGA member all these years.テつ He's done so much and he wanted to come down.テつ My dad had a fishing trip planned so he was out of town and my other two brothers.テつ They all would have liked to have been here, but my wife is here and one of my best friends who is a PGA member, as well, Rob Higgins (ph), caddied for me this week.テつ So we had a few other friends that came down from my wife's home down.テつ It's nice that they support me all these years and still like to come out.テつ Even when I'm struggling, they still enjoy coming down.

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