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December 7, 2000

Shigeki Maruyama

Hidemichi Tanaka


NELSON LUIS: We'd like to welcome the Japanese team of Shigeki Maruyama and Hidemichi Tanaka. They had a very good afternoon today and finished at 12-under, currently tied for third place. We're going to use the translator today. Why don't you just go ahead and give some opening statements.

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: First, No. 2, tee shot, hit driver. Second shot 9-iron about 6 meters, 18 feet. One putt, me. No. 4, tee shot, 3-wood; second shot, pitching wedge about 9 feet. Me, birdied. (Laughter.) No. 6, Tanaka, tee shot, right side rough. Second shot, lay-up. Third shot, 70 yards, about 6 feet. One putt, birdie. No. 7, tee shot, 2-iron, fairway. Second shot, pitching wedge, about 3 feet. One putt, birdie by Tanaka. No. 8, tee shot, 5-iron, by me, one foot; birdie, me. No. 9, tee shot, driver, fairway second shot, 190 yards, 6-iron, about 30 feet. 2-putts, birdie. (Wipes brow). No. 11, tee shot, 9-iron, about 12 feet. One putt birdie for Tanaka. No. 12, tee shot, 4-iron. Second shot, 52-degree wedge, like this (indicating 3 feet). One putt, birdie. No. 13, tee shot, 3-iron. Second shot, pitching wedge, about 12 feet, one putt birdie for Tanaka. No. 14, tee shot, driver, fairway. Second shot, 3-iron, about 6 feet. One putt here for me. No. 17, tee shot, right side of the fairway, driver. Second shot, 6-iron, front fringe, about 18 feet, 2-putt birdie for Tanaka. That's it. Thank you very much.

Q. Mr. Tanaka, how do you like the course, and was the public a problem? Were you bothered by the public at some point?

HIDEMICHI TANAKA: The tee boxes, a little bit at the front, compared to practice rounds yesterday and the day before, and the wind is not as strong as yesterday and the day before, which is much, like, easier. So you have to make lots of birdies; that's what I thought. And all of the -- quite a lot of crowds, saying, "Tanaka, Tanaka," so I was really surprised.

Q. I think that the explanation for this is that we saw you playing with Mike Weir in the last round at Valderrama in the American Express Open, and people followed you yesterday and the day before yesterday, and we think you are a very charming person. So that's the reason why people were cheering for you.

HIDEMICHI TANAKA: The American Express tournament, that was my first time playing in front of all of the people in the world, and I played -- fortunately, I played well that time. I was really lucky that I could play well in front of all of the people. And this is the second time I'm playing, and I'm really happy to be cheered; and, of course, I'd like to play the best.

Q. Next year, this tournament will be played in Tokyo. Do you know the course, and how do you feel about having the tournament being played in your home country?

THE INTERPRETER: They know the course really well, and the course is like American-style course, and the greens are the important things. So the people coming from outside of Japan, the padding is important on that course. Not only the Japanese have the advantage, it depends on whoever does well on the course. And they are really happy to have the World Cup in Japan, and they look forward to success in that event next year.

NELSON LUIS: Thank you, gentlemen. Good luck the rest of the week.

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