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August 8, 2014

Jim Furyk


Q.  Thank you for joining us today.  Finished at 8‑under.  Just talk about your round.
JIM FURYK:  It was nice to get off to a nice start birdieing‑‑ I think I birdied, if I remember it was 3 and 4, to start off the day, so 2‑under quick.
Made a good birdie on 7, driving the ball in the rough.  You don't see that happen very often.  Hit a little stop in the middle of the round with bogeys on 10 and 13.  We caught 10 and ‑‑ obviously we had a good draw with being in the afternoon.  The guys in the morning had much tougher conditions.  We had maybe 15 to 20 minutes of rain and wind in our face.  That was when I played No. 10.  The hole played long.  I laid it up in the rough and hit a bad iron shot, wasn't able to get it up and down.
Hit a bad iron into 12.
Seemed to regroup and played very well on the way in.  That back nine after 13 doesn't let up too much.  14, 15, 16, 17 are some pretty long tough holes, and was able to grind it out, played pretty patient.
Missed a couple of birdie putts, one in particular on 15, but was able to make a nice birdie at 17 and get the ball up and down for birdie at 18.  So kind of finished off the day well again.

Q.  Given the break you had this summer, are you a little surprised at the state of your game?
JIM FURYK:  Not now.  I've played‑‑ I'm four tournaments in a row, now I'm tired again.  I think at the British I was surprised.  I went over there and really felt good.  By Monday, Tuesday, I felt really good with my game, my swing I was hitting the ball solid.
I was kind of happy to see it wasn't windy early in the week there.  It allowed me to kind of get my feet under me and make some good golf swings.  I was a little surprised at how quick I felt very comfortable with the club and how much I trusted my golf swing early that week.
That kind of carried on through the RBC and the world series or the Bridgestone last week.  I guess I've taken time off in my career.  I take close to four months off in the winter and come out in the fall, and I'm always a little rusty on the West Coast, so I guess one month really isn't that much.

Q.  A couple of birdies to finish.  Can you build on that momentum?
JIM FURYK:  Yeah, I've had two days.  Yesterday I birdied 7 and 8, 9 to finish my day.  Today I birdied 17, 18, so it always makes dinner taste a little better.  You go away with good spirits.  I'm just happy with two solid rounds, being able to shoot 66 yesterday and then 68, a good solid position in the tournament.  We're only halfway done, a lot of golf left.  Golf course played a little different today with ‑‑ played a lot longer.  It's wet.  Guys can be target‑oriented and we could have some more rain the forecast for the next couple of days.  Hopefully we dodge that and we get some good conditions.

Q.  Can you talk a little more about the course conditions?  Did they allow you to be aggressive today firing at pins and how does that affect tomorrow's plan?
JIM FURYK:  I would say yes, but the guy that hits it my length there aren't that many holes I've got 8‑iron in my hand where I feel like I can be aggressive.  You go on the back nine, I'm hitting 4‑iron into 14, I'm hitting 5‑iron into 15, I'm hitting hybrid into 16.  I don't care how soft the greens are, you can't get that aggressive with those clubs in your hand.
The design of the golf course is severe, and I think what I've done really well to this point is be real patient and I've really picked and chosen the spots where I could be aggressive.  I've taken advantage of some short irons in my hand and made some putts.  I think that's why I'm sitting in the position I'm.
Conditions will have to be soft again tomorrow.  I can't imagine the course drys up that quick.  I will have the same mindset, instead of feeling like I can fire at pins, I'm going to pick and choose those spots and pay as patient as I can.

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