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August 8, 2014

Chris Wood


Q.  I just want to ask you a little bit about the round.  Looks like a tough start.  Rallied on the back side.  Can you talk about how the round went for you?
CHRIS WOOD:¬† Pretty much that. ¬†Not a great start, bogey, bogey, and I gave myself quite a bit of work, to be honest, on the front nine to sort of stay 1‑ or 2‑under par.
And I made a nice 4 on 10 and hit a lot of really good shots on the back nine, just one bad tee shot, starting cutting too much on the 16, into the water, double bogey and didn't deserve to sort of‑‑ I deserved better today, I think.

Q.  The conditions, how much of a role did they play in your round?
CHRIS WOOD:¬† Well, the front nine seemed to take four or five hours to play.¬† We had about two or three 15‑minute waits on shots, so that was difficult.¬† You couldn't get into a rhythm at all.
Yeah, the rain, it wasn't too bad to be honest.  It was so hot.  We're used to a lot worse in England.

Q.  A lot of the players have said it's playing long.  Did you feel that way?
CHRIS WOOD:  The ball is not traveling quite as far today.  Obviously because of the water in the air, the humidity in the air.  The greens are marking up obviously because they are a lot softer today.  Obviously you drive it in the rough, it's a lot of water on the rough, makes it a lot harder to get a club onto the ball.

Q.  Your plans for the weekend?
CHRIS WOOD:  I need to drive the ball a little bit better than I did today.  I'm not far behind really with two rounds to go.  I'm usually a slow starter anyway.  Weekends are usually quite good.  I feel I come in the mix.

Q.  Did your trouser hold up today?
CHRIS WOOD:  I brought two pairs today.

Q.  Did you start out with the rain pants today?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah.  It was sort of on and off today.  But I was extra careful when I was doing the putts today.  It's just so sticky.  I think I have put on weight.
The shop where I get them made in Bristol actually sent me a message last night saying I can't believe what's happened, bring them in when you get back.  I'll be doing that.

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