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August 8, 2014

Steve Schneiter


Q.  You did get an eagle on the last hole?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  How about that?

Q.  Nice memories of Valhalla?

Q.  Tell me what you hit to that dream.
STEVE SCHNEITER:  I hit a hybrid, like a 21 degree hybrid.

Q.  How far?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  I had 216 home.

Q.  216, okay.  How far was the putt?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  The putt was about 10 feet.

Q.  Well, we talked last night about the conditions of Valhalla when it gets wet and I'm sure it wasn't any surprise to you?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  No, not at all.  There was some areas that were wet, but all in all it played pretty good.  I had mud on my ball a few times.

Q.  Nothing serious?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  Nothing real bad.  Pretty sandy here, I think.

Q.  You could be one of the proponents of not doing lift, clean and place if you didn't have to?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  Yeah.  I mean, I knew that it was a pretty sandy base here.  We're not going to get too many mud balls, so that's good.

Q.  And just your feelings about the week and here you are, your third time you've been competing at Valhalla and not many people can say that, for sure?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  That's true.  No, it was a fun week.  I enjoyed it.  The course was wonderful, had it in great shape.  Played fair and obviously the scores are showing it.  That's okay.

Q.  Was it just the putter that let you down?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  Yeah.  I drove the ball pretty good.  Today, I don't know, I just didn't feel‑‑ have a lot of good energy.  It was a quick turnaround and kind of tired most of the day.  I didn't have the energy level like I had yesterday.

Q.  What are your competitive plans for the rest of year?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  Just I'm going to maybe try a couple of Champions events to try to get in.  I'm going to go to the Champions qualifying, see if I can get a card that way.  Then I'm going to come down and play in Florida with you guys.

Q.  Okay, good.  Look forward to having you.
STEVE SCHNEITER:  Then the Senior Club, probably.

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