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August 8, 2014

Stuart Deane


STUART DEANE:  The thing about it, shooting even par in a major, I think is an accomplishment, especially for sort of the 20 guys where we don't play much, this kind of level of golf and the penalties you get when you make bad swings.  I think that's the biggest thing.
And then the other thing out of it, playing with David and Alex, just couldn't play with two better people.  I had a lot of fun, which was great.  I think that was a huge part of it.  I was telling David walking up the last, we played enough TOUR events where we qualify in, and sometimes we don't have the best reception by the playing partners, but these two guys, just fantastic and treat you as an equal, which is great.  Obviously these guys get in in a different format.  It's just a lot of fun, shooting even par is a good way to finish off the tournament.

Q.  Did you have a lot of support with family and friends?
STUART DEANE:  Yeah, lots of family, lots of friends.  Finally cracked a birdie on 7 today.  It was a lot of holes without a birdie and finally got on the ball there and got everybody excited which was awesome.

Q.  What kind of reception are you expecting back home?
STUART DEANE:  I think all in all, probably be pretty proud.  Again, to come out and shoot 4‑over for two days, not exactly what I was hoping for, but at the same time, to come and do that, you know the students, you're able to come and prove that you can do it and pass the experience along.  I think the reception will be pretty cool.

Q.  Is the fire already in your belly to get back here next year?
STUART DEANE:  Absolutely.  I think getting into the national event, the goal would be to go to the PGA next year at Whistling Straits.  I think that will be a pretty cool venue to go to.  Yeah, you know, it will be a cool thing to do, back‑to‑back years, or as many as you can do through the national event.  We have guys that seem to get in every year or every other year, Mike Small and guys like that.  I think it can probably get pretty addicting, come every year, always planning on‑‑ you can't plan on it, but I'm sure those guys are surprised if they don't get through.

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