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August 8, 2014

Ryan Palmer


Q.  How does it feel to have another good round?
RYAN PALMER:  It's wetter.  It's great.  That was a key today to come out and kind of back up a low round like that.
It was rough getting off to that start with the rain, trying to hit some solid shots and survive.  Man, it was nice having a short game today, because it saved me on the first five or six holes.
From there, I hit some decent shots, but struggled on the back nine early.  Then to make two birdies on the last two holes and end up shooting under par, probably my worst day of the week hopefully.  It's an awesome feeling and I'm looking forward to getting indoors.

Q.  How much tougher was it today?
RYAN PALMER:  Earlier it was hard.  I wasn't sure we should have teed off when we did.  I could barely see the fairway on 1.  To sit on the green 45 minutes waiting, when there is water everywhere.
It actually turned nice for a while there, through 6 or 7 holes on that front nine.  The golf course is playing long, especially on the back nine.
I hit a driver pretty good on 16, at 212.  There's going to be fairway woods hit into that green for sure.
17 is tipped out as well.
The par‑3s are not short.
Fairways are not rolling at all.  You are going to need a lot of mid to long irons.  Even par is a good round today, so it's nice to get under par.

Q.  It's got to go through your mind that you are entering the weekend and having a chance to win?
RYAN PALMER:  It's awesome.  It's great.  You know, I've had a pretty good record when I've come into a situation like this at the top, towards the top, going in the weekend.  So I've got that feeling inside going for me.  Knowing that, I really feel I will be there come Sunday and I'll have a chance.  That's all I'll ask for.  It's nice to be up there now.  There's a lot of golf to be played.
It's a matter of just staying patient with myself and keep attacking.

Q.  Is it an advantage to be finished with the weather coming in?
RYAN PALMER:  Yeah, I don't know how much of advantage because of what we had to play in today.  I think there's some more coming, I've heard.  I hope they do.  It's nice to be done, I'll be honest with you, and just get under par today.  It would be nice to go home, relax.  I might watch a little bit to see how it's going.
Knowing that I'm 7‑under par going into the weekend and hanging out with the kids is a good feeling.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
RYAN PALMER:  You know, same thing.  We'll hang out with the family, maybe take my wife on a date.  She hasn't been on one this week, and she'll probably want one.
We'll hang out with the kids and try to keep them occupied as much as I can.  Just relax as much as can.

Q.  Yesterday you had few more people following, taking your picture.  Same thing today?
RYAN PALMER:  A few more today.  It was nice.  A few more, "Palmer, lets go, let's do it."  It's a good feeling when you're playing well.  You know people are behind you and rooting you on.  A lot of people back home in Amarillo and back in Colleyville, where I live.  I've got a lot of supporters back home rooting me on.  That will be a fun weekend.

Q.  How many kids?  How old are they?
RYAN PALMER:  Two kids, seven and four.

Q.  Do they take your mind off any pressure?
RYAN PALMER:  They are the best sports psychologists you can have.  If you go home from a good or bad day, my son doesn't have a clue.  How many birdies did you make?  Did you make any bogeys?  I mean, he doesn't much about golf as much.  It's fun to go home and not dwell on it.  I can get away from game and go play with them.

Q.  Is it important psychologically to get away from it, get your mind off of it?
RYAN PALMER:  I think.  So there is no reason to go practice right now like some guys may.  The main thing is to go home and try to get the clubs dried off, obviously.  Get on the couch and relax and hang out, probably watch some of the coverage.
It's nice to get home this afternoon and not have to finish late today and then get up tomorrow.  It will be nice and relaxing for sure.

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