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August 7, 2014

Carla Suarez Navarro


6‑2, 4‑6, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Pretty busy day for you.テつ Do you even remember the singles match now?テつ Can you say what this win signifies for you?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:テつ Yeah, I remember my singles of today.
I play really good in the first set.テつ In the second set I have chance to finish the match.テつ But, well, I was a little bit nervous.テつ But then in the third set I play again good.テつ We stop because the rain.テつ But I spoke with my coach, and he's saying to me that I make all simple, no difficult.
I try to do and was good for me.

Q.テつ What did you like about your game today?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:テつ Well, when I play with these players, I need to be solid all the time, no mistakes, no easy mistakes.
For me is difficult to be solid, to have a good serve, because they also return very good.テつ Maria was returning good today.テつ Well, I need to be focused also in all the things I do.

Q.テつ Is it difficult to play with two rain delays?

Q.テつ You seemed to say it helped the second time.
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:テつ The rain is for both.テつ Sometimes you are winning and you need to stop, you are losing and you need to stop.
Is not the first time that we play with rain.テつ Sometimes is good.テつ You can rest a little bit.テつ But, yeah, the second time for me was difficult to stop again.
Well, I need on court focus and do all the things good.テつ Was difficult, but finally was good for me.

Q.テつ I think it's your fourth win this year against the top 10.テつ Where do you rank this one?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:テつ Well, I like this type of match.テつ I know it's tough for me.テつ I don't like, for sure, in first, second round. テつIf you want to win one tournament, you need to beat all these player.
For me is not easy.テつ But every day I'm working for this match.テつ Well, I like.テつ I play good.テつ Normally at the end of the match I'm nervous, but is normal.テつ Sometimes is normal.テつ I need to play more match like this.

Q.テつ What about tomorrow?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:テつ They are playing now.テつ Both player for me are really difficult.テつ Angie is playing very solid.テつ She's a really fight player.テつ She's all the time fighting all the points.
And Venus, we both play this year one time in Rome.テつ Well, she's a great player.テつ She serve very good here in hard court.テつ Will be tough.テつ Will be tough.

Q.テつ Are you worried about the energy because you played two matches today?
CARLA SUAREZ NAVARRO:テつ I want to recovery.テつ I want to go to the physio now, and have a good dinner, sleep good.テつ I think I can have a really good match tomorrow.テつ We will see.

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