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August 7, 2014

Chris Wood


Q.  Great round.  Run through how many different pairs of pants you wore today?
CHRIS WOOD:  Four.  Second hole, or the 11th, our second hole, I banged over a 3‑footer and they tore in the place that you just don't want them to, and it was quite a big hole.  I knocked it in.
And then we get to the 12th, to the 12th tee and just my luck, the hole crowd of this side of me, while I'm teeing off going that way.  They can all see.  They can all see my underpants.  So it was quite embarrassing.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, I got some nice ones on today, so I wasn't too bothered.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, it did, surprisingly.  So I borrowed a pair of‑‑ we weren't too sure of the rules of golf.  You have got to be careful these days.  We asked if I could borrow Johan's pair of waterproofs, because we didn't have ours.  So I put his own, which were obviously a little bit short for me.  Played 12, and then on the 13th tee, we got ahold of my waterproofs, so I put those on.  And it's 85 degrees or whatever.  I'm wearing trousers and waterproofs.
I actually nipped in between the Golf Channel studio halfway down the 13th.  Took my trousers off and put my waterproofs on.  So that was much cooler for a couple of holes and then Cagey met us on the 17th tee.  He had been back to the hotel, went into my room and got these ones for me.  Fortunately, they survived.

Q.  Which hole did you put these ones on?
CHRIS WOOD:  17th tee.

Q.  He went to your hotel room and got‑‑
CHRIS WOOD:  So I've heard.  So I've heard, yeah.  Nasty shot for Cagey walking in the room.

Q.  After all that, how did you keep your concentration and shoot a round like‑‑
CHRIS WOOD:  I think it was just a case of just laughing at it.  It's the most embarrassed I've ever been on a golf course obviously.  It wasn't just a small hole.  It was ten inches.  I'll Tweet a picture later, I think, just to share with everyone.  It was very embarrassing.
Punk, my caddie, and I, we just laughing about it.  I'm sure I'll take a little bit of stick from it.

Q.  Johan said his rain paints were too short?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, yeah.  Most peoples would be, wouldn't they?

Q.  (Inaudible)?
CHRIS WOOD:  They were just nice down here.  Probably just above the start of the tear line, so I just about got away with it.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
CHRIS WOOD:  I think this is probably my best round in a U.S. major.  I played enough really‑‑ probably played ten or 15 times in the States total.  So it's nice to put a good round in like this, especially a PGA, because the course isn't quite renown for driving the ball out.  It's not really a strength of mine.  I worked on it and I drove the ball really well today.  That was the key to putting a good score together.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, yeah.  Didn't drop a shot there either last round at Hoylake, and another bogey‑free round today.  I'm doing something right.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
CHRIS WOOD:  Yeah, about half a 11 with my coach.  Got a history of my hands moving on the club.  We call them the slugs.  The fingers get involved and messes it all up.  It was basically just working out my grip pressure again in the right place, and I didn't miss a shot on the Sunday.  I owe a lot to my coach really for sticking‑‑ it was a tough week leading up to that.  No other coach could have got me out of that, I don't think.

Q.  What is your thought going ahead to the rest of the week?
CHRIS WOOD:  I mean, I really have got to take it a shot at a time.  I listened to what Rory said after he won at Hoylake.  He had two goals for the week and one of them was his process, and I've been working on something very similar since May time with my coach.  And it's really just continue to do the same things and not worry about your score.

Q.  Is it a case of where you had (inaudible)?
CHRIS WOOD:  It's a similar sort of thing.  I create a couple of boxes for myselfthat I want to tick each round.  As long as I tick those, I can be satisfied with whatever score I shoot, to be honest.

Q.  Are you going to get those trousers fixed?
CHRIS WOOD:  They are unfixable.  They are tailored as well, so they are going back.  Unless I've put weight on which I doubt very much.  I will be taking them back when I get back.

Q.  Anybody in the crowd say anything to you?
CHRIS WOOD:  Can you imagine?  I'm 6'6" with a massive hole in my trousers in America.  I'm going to get heckled for fun, aren't I?
I just blanked out, to be honest.  Everyone was laughing at me as soon as I hit my tee shot.  I put these waterproofs on, they were all just laughing.  I played along with it.  I think that's the only way you can go with it to be honest.

Q.  That's why your mother said wear clean underwear?
CHRIS WOOD:  She is always right.

Q.  Will you have two pair tomorrow?
CHRIS WOOD:  I'll bring an extra pair tomorrow, save Cagey a trip back to the hotel.

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