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August 7, 2014

Steve Schneiter


Q.  Familiarity isn't bad for you on this golf course, longer obviously.  But how d o you feel you navigated yourself around Valhalla today?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  I drove the ball pretty good, so that's a big plus out here obviously, in any major.  But drove it well and hit quite a few greens and didn't do anything too stupid.

Q.  Could you sense there was more difficult pin positions today than normal, or not?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  There were some cute pins out there.  I mean, there really were.  You know, some that could have been Saturday or Sunday pins.  There's plenty out there.

Q.  Does it help you to have all this experience behind you, once you get to the here we are, and it's not going to be such a major shock to go after it again?
STEVE SCHNEITER:¬† Yeah, I think‑‑ yeah, it's big.¬† I've done it for a long time, and I feel like I draw from that experience.¬† That's always a plus.

Q.  Is that your son on the bag?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  Yeah, that's Jonathan.  He's caddying.  And then Riley, my other son, my younger son, is out watching.

Q.  How old is your caddie?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  He's 22.  Riley's 15, almost 16.  And then I have a little daughter, four.

Q.¬† You've been here the two previous times‑‑ has it changed?
STEVE SCHNEITER:¬† Overall, the layout has not‑‑ some of the greens have changed, the look and a few of the holes have changed.¬† The two par 3s on 8 and 11, are totally different.¬† I like it better.¬† Jack did a great job on those.

Q.  You like the surfaces?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  Yeah, they are nice.  The course is totally fair.  They set it up fair.  Obviously there's a lot of guys under par, and it looks like, you know, even par is where you're going to have to be at the end to play four rounds.

Q.  What's been your track record when it comes to wet weather, if we have some rain?

Q.  Because you try to keep it in the fairway.
STEVE SCHNEITER:  Yeah, just stay in the fairways.  We're going to get some rain.

Q.  Any part of one round that really salvaged it for you?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  Not really.  I just played steady and just tried to, you know, hit my spots, and I did a pretty good job.

Q.  So nothing really outstanding this morning?
STEVE SCHNEITER:¬† Nothing.¬† I had, what, two birdies and two bogeys, something like that, and the two bogeys were 3‑putts‑‑ no, I had three bogeys, excuse me.¬† Three bogeys and two of them were 3‑putts.

Q.  And the birdies?
STEVE SCHNEITER:  The birdies, one was on the par5,7, and I birdied somewhere else, No. 13.

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