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August 7, 2014

Stuart Deane


Q.  Stewart, 75, just talk about the round.  I know you got off a little slow on the front nine there.
STUART DEANE:  Yeah, to me, all the practice rounds I've played, I shot a couple under on the back side every time and I shot a couple over on the front side every time.  I hit a great tee shot on 2 and it's one step in the bunker.  Standing out of the bunker, ball is in the bunker and just a bad break there.  A foot less and you're playing it from the first cut of rough, which is fine.
So I give one up on 2 and I hit it close on 4, don't make it.  I only missed three putts all day.  But when you create opportunities for birdies, you have to make them.

Q.  Do you look at it as a success, if you're third with the club pros?
STUART DEANE:  No, I figure I can close a round out‑‑ especially 2‑over through six with 7,8 and 9 to play; I hit in the right rough on 7, and I've actually hit it in the right rough probably half the times I've played the holes.  I got a crappy lie there.  But yeah, it would have been nice to close it out at 2‑over, 1‑over.  Especially with 7,8 and 9 to play.

Q.  Did you hit backwards?
STUART DEANE:  No.  I hit it in the rough and then I hit it out and hit it like 100 yards into the rough again.  I had 86 yards and hit it to about two feet.  But yeah, I just got further into the rough, and if you miss that fairway by five or six feet, you can actually play it.
I was 580 yards into the rough and I just had nothing.

Q.  Can you talk about what it means to play in the PGA Championship here at Valhalla?
STUART DEANE:  Yeah, you know, it's definitely a highlight.  It's something that's cool for our club and everybody.  It's something that I think every PGA member aspires to.  Every golfer, it's one of your bucket list items regardless of when you first start playing golf or you're a mini‑tour player or a Web.com guy.  I mean, everyone wants to play a major to see how you kind of rack up.  So it's a huge honor, as a PGA member, it's an honor to represent 27,000 members and there's only 20 of us here, it's a huge honest for us to be here.

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