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August 7, 2014

Henrik Stenson


Q.  What were you most pleased with?
HENRIK STENSON:  I was the most pleased with my putting today. I think I played a nice, you know, strategic round out there.  I hit some good tee shots and some nice iron shots as well.  It was more than anything my performance on the greens that made this round, I would say.
I probably with average putting, I would have shot 1 or 2‑under, but it was really the blade that made the score for me today.  I made some great birdie putts, one or two long ones, a couple of in between and some good par saves as well.  The hard work on the putting green has paid off today.

Q.  Given the conditions, what sense did you have in terms of comfort being out there?
HENRIK STENSON:  It's the first day of a major, you have got to stay patient and do your thing for four days and hopefully on Sunday afternoon you're up there with a chance.  That's kind to have way I look at it.
Of course, it's nice to get a good start and shoot a good number on the first day.  You can never win anything, but you can play your way out of the tournament.  At least we get off to a good start and I'm looking at the bigger perspective.  I worked hard on my game the last ten days and it's starting to pay off.
It's an important week, this one, of course, but then we got the FedEx Cup playoffs and we got the Ryder Cup, it's a lot of golf still to play.  I feel like I've had some nice time to work on my game.
It's been a bit more quiet off the golf course, not so many commitments.  I think it was the first week in a year I didn't have any prearranged commitments at a golf tournament.  I felt a little it lost given that, right?  But it was good to focus on my game and what I want to do to prepare for the championship and to work with my team on a few different things.  I'm pleased with the progress I made.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
HENRIK STENSON:  I putted well for about a month in May, I would say, end of April and May.  U.S. Open it was patchy.  I made some great ones, but then missed a couple of short ones as well.
So this is definitely the best it's felt and the best I've putted all year.  That's promising.  And I've given it some more attention in the last couple of days, and that seems to have paid off.  It's work in progress, and like I said, I'm pretty happy overall.  Ball striking was pretty good, hits some good iron shots close, made some good putts.
Whenever I missed the green, I was in a reasonable position to make up and down.  I didn't short‑side myself much today.  The only real trouble I was in on 15, when I hit the 6‑iron into the creek, hit a lovely pitch.  Seve would have been proud of that one.  Hit it to a foot and managed to save bogey there, and made a good par putt on the next.
I kept it together when I was in trouble and made some nice ones for birdie.

Q.  Any similarities to where you are now and where you were a year ago with the momentum?
HENRIK STENSON:  Of course, if I could throw another three days in like today, I would pretty pleased.  I would hope I would be up there with a chance come Sunday then.
But I'm just, like I said, I've been busy off the golf course in trying to regain some energy and get focussed on practicing and playing golf which is kind of my core business, I would say, even though it hasn't quite felt that way.
I'm just happy with the progress, worked hard in the last ten days.  It's coming in the right direction.  We have a ton of golf left to play with the finish of this week, like said, FedExCup, Ryder Cup, Race to Dubai finish.  It's all about getting going and starting to build confident.  I definitely have been given a nudge in the right direction here today.

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