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August 6, 2014

Gael Monfils


N. DJOKOVIC/G. Monfils
6‑2, 6‑7, 7‑6

Q. テつCan you elaborate on that?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Yeah, I was upset, because I think I took a free warning call for nothing, because obviously he called time, and Novak crossed the net, and then I switched my racquets and I had a warning.
So I was very upset.テつ I think it was a free warning for nothing.テつ I think we can have warning if we are very slow between the points, but this is, for me, not good.

Q. テつWhat makes Novak so tough to beat?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Well, because he's simply the best at the moment and simply because, you know, he shows a lot of great stuff.テつ Like his return is like I think one of massive weapon he have.テつ Because at some stage of the match, you know that you cannot ace him or have any free points with your serve.テつ So this is tough.
And then his timing, he's great.テつ He's always‑‑ you know, he's always on time, run good, defense, attack.テつ I think he's just No. 1 for a reason.
Q.テつ Coming as close as you did today, how does that make you feel about your own game?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Well, I think I showed good stuff today.テつ You know, I think I was happy.テつ I hope, you know, we keep this level.テつ And then, you know, just motivate me to work harder.テつ Next time I will try to maybe be a bit further and maybe beat him.

Q.テつ (Question about the support of the fans.)
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Yeah, always.

Q.テつ Did you feed off that?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ It's always nice to play against world No. 1, big stadium.テつ I mean, when you play tennis, you play for that, for those matches.テつ I always enjoy it.

Q.テつ When you were up in the third set, did you feel like you had a chance to win this match?テつ Did you feel like you were in control?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Well, you know, you never feel like in control.テつ I feel like I was good.テつ You know, I feel like I was putting trouble, but I always careful because I know he's a big fighter and he never give up.テつ Till the last point, you never know.

Q.テつ Is there something about your style that gives opponents trouble?テつ You never give up on a point.テつ You have unpredictable shot‑making.
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ I just fight.テつ I'm cool but I'm fighting on every point.テつ Maybe sometimes it looks like I'm a bit lazy or not really focused, but (indiscernible).テつ I can show maybe sometimes that I am not (indiscernible) but I'm definitely not going to give up any points.

Q.テつ (Question about throwing the racquet.)
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Well, yeah.テつ I think I have a winner against Melzer.テつ Yeah.
Q.テつ Pretty remarkable to watch.
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Thank you.

Q.テつ On the next bit, it seemed like you were chasing down a ball when you didn't have the racquet.テつ Did you have a plan in mind, or what was going through your mind there?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ (Smiling.)テつ Fun.

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