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August 4, 2014

Dominika Cibulkova


6‑1, 3‑6, 6‑0

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Could you tell us what it's like to play against a girl who has little experience and against a crowd like this one tonight in Montréal.
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA:  Yeah, I have to say I didn't play in Canada against a home player a long time I would say because I didn't really expect some crowd going so crazy.  And, yeah, I played a lot of Fed Cup matches and it really reminded me of Fed Cup.
It was really tough to play today.  I hit some really good shots and I just heard myself screaming, C'mon.  So I had to deal with it.
But I'm enough experienced player to not lose my nerves or just think about it.  So I was focusing on myself and what I have to do.

Q.  The second set was pretty difficult for you.  Last week you lost in the first round in Stanford.  How is the adaptation going for the hard courts?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA:  It's never easy to start again a new series on different surface.  I have really tough draw last week in Stanford.  I was hoping to get more matches, but I didn't.
I was going in today's match really focused.  I knew she's young player, she has nothing to lose, she has all the support.  I just really had to calm myself.
After the second set I just sit down and I talk to myself.  I was playing well the first set, I knew what I have to change, just go goal after goal.
I wasn't panicking.  I wasn't losing my head.  That was important.

Q.  Can you talk about her game a little bit.
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA:  Yeah, she's really athletic and strong girl, as you can see.  Her serve is pretty well.  But I was mixing my position well.  I was standing, I was trying to get in her head.
But sometimes she surprised me with the power she had.  And after some balls she was playing quite soft.  She was just changing the rhythm and trying to play different.
For such a young player, yeah, she has the body and everything to play good tennis.

Q.  Your next rival is Heather Watson.  You played her this year.  What can you say about her game and how you're going to approach that match coming up?
DOMINIKA CIBULKOVA:  Yeah, she's somebody I know how she's playing.  I played her this year in Brisbane.  I think even before, I don't quite remember.  It was quite tough match in Brisbane.
I know what to expect.  I know how she's playing.  I have to, again, focus on myself and to be ready and mentally strong again.

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