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August 3, 2014

Adam Scott


Q.  Not the score on the back nine you wanted, but a reasonable tune‑up for next week.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah.  I was pretty scratchy every round this week.  So I was scrambling a bit, and that was good.  But just lost my rhythm a little bit on a couple of holes on the back nine.  Couldn't scramble hard enough.

Q.  Nothing to worry about, though, obviously.  Just back in the States, four rounds, had a bit scratchy.  Probably tuned back in in time for next week.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, I think absolutely.  A couple good sessions on the range, get the rhythm to fall back into place, and I'll be laughing next week.

Q.  Anything else gave you an opportunity to practice, like you said, your short game this week?  You had a bit more scramble time.  Good to get back in the swing of things in that regard too.
ADAM SCOTT:  I did a lot of work on my putting this week after every round.  That certainly showed up.  Hit a lot of good putts, even the ones that didn't go in.
I'm happy with where everything is at.  If I can just get a couple nice days of swinging again, I'll be in good shape next week.

Q.  Obviously, I have to ask your first reign at No.1 is about to be over.  I mean, in your ability to get it back next week.  You'll be close to him.  Just a better result next week if you want to get that back over the next few weeks.
ADAM SCOTT:  It's all good.  It's been a lot of fun.  Obviously, Rory's in incredible form at the moment.  He'll be the man to beat next week, by the looks of things, and I'll be gunning for him for sure.

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