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August 3, 2014

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE:  Today's round was a bit of a sort of struggle.  I never got comfortable on the greens today, and it's hard work when you‑‑ I drove, though, the snot out of it today and gave myself every opportunity to play and to play well.
But couldn't really get going, you know, just didn't make any putts today.  I just‑‑ the greens were so soft and so many heel prints, and that's all I was seeing.

Q.  Really?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I wasn't really seeing the back of the cup today.  I was kind of seeing what was in my way.
So I didn't really have the feel of it very well.  But all in all, another good week.  Four rounds par or better around this golf course.  I think in The Open Championship, I was par or better four rounds.  Probably puts me at 17‑‑ 15 par or better rounds in a row.
So I'm playing good going into next week.

Q.  Your thoughts turn immediately to the last major?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Obviously, I won going into the last major, which didn't work out for me.  I'm hoping now this was just the form I needed to go into last week.  So I didn't really use up anything over the weekend.

Q.  In Valhalla, obviously good memories of '08 there for you.
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, somewhat vague, to be honest with you.  Looking forward to again figuring out the course.  I think they've changed the greens extensively since we played.  All the notes we had kind of go out the window.

Q.  How are you getting there?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I'm flying in about an hour.  Yeah, I might even get out there early tomorrow morning, get the majority of my work done and see the golf course.  Might just walk it with a wedge and a putter tomorrow, really figure out the greens.  Then play nine, nine Tuesday, Wednesday.

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