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August 2, 2014

Lee Janzen


Q.テつ Lee, 13 points today.テつ Really a good day for you.テつ Some comments?
LEE JANZEN:テつ I think the format, the idea of only losing a point on a bogey and you gain two points on a birdie, you just don't seem to worry about par putts nearly as much as you normally do.
So I'm thinking maybe I could secure that attitude through the stroke play events that I should not worry about some of the putts, and if you do make a bogey, who cares, you've got plenty of birdie holes left.
So that just seems to be the way things have worked out.テつ I've made mistakes but I seem to come back and make birdies right away.
And also with the points, it's almost impossible, really, actually, unless you're constantly trying to figure out where you're shooting, you're not really following what you're shooting.テつ That helps get you into shot by shot, which we all want to do, just one shot at a time, forget about your score, they're just numbers on the board right now.テつ So for whatever reason I think that's helping me just stay in the moment, playing one at a time.

Q.テつ 18 holes left.テつ Competitive juices going pretty good right now?
LEE JANZEN:テつ Yeah.テつ I mean, I certainly would love to play well tomorrow.テつ I feel like if I do what I did the last three days, I've had plenty of birdie chances.テつ I putted pretty well.テつ I chipped very well.テつ I've driven the ball very well.
If I can play similarly well tomorrow, then one little thing here or there that gets the momentum going or whatever can make the difference.
But if I can just play just the same tomorrow as I have the first three days, it should be the end of a great tournament.

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