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August 1, 2014

Geoff Ogilvy


Q.テつ Seven points today with two birdies and an eagle, birdies yesterday, and a flawless round of golf.テつ Were the conditions different out there, or was your game just not as sharp as yesterday?
GEOFF OGLIVY:テつテつ A little bit of both.テつ It was tricky.テつ The wind here‑‑ the elevation makes it hard anyway, or awkward.テつ And you add in that wind that goes from nothing to 20 miles an hour and back, gusting and spinning around down different directions, it feels like.
It's really awkward out there.テつ But saying that, I didn't quite play as quite as well as I did yesterday.テつ But I hit the ball quite well on the back nine, I think.テつ Hit a few loose ones on the front.テつ A bonus eagle to make up there at 13, which is nice in this format to get five points.
So I played nicely.テつ I played a lot better yesterday, obviously.テつ It's hard to back up almost a perfect round I played yesterday.
So hopefully I can get backtomorrow's, Thursday's form more on the weekend.テつ But I'm hitting the ball well.テつ Obviously if I hole a few putts, hopefully I'll be there at the end.

Q.テつ A lot of people don't really realize what is on the line.テつ Do you come into a week like this looking at it as a week of opportunity?
GEOFF OGLIVY:テつ I think so.テつ I mean, every week we play out here is a week of opportunity.テつ I mean, wins go a long way.テつ Doesn't matter which tournament you win.
It's been a while since I've been here.テつ I love playing on the West Coast.テつ I live in Arizona, and it's high altitude but it's a similar type of air.
So I'm disappointed to not be in Akron, obviously, but I was excited to get to come back here and play a course I liked and I remembered, in a format I like.テつ I always loved this format in Denver.
It suits somebody traditionally like me.テつ I've always been a birdie/bogey golfer, rather than a par every hole golfer.
I like the format.テつ I was looking forward to coming back.テつ Obviously it's an opportunity to win this tournament.テつ Good things happen.

Q.テつ Just some overall comments on the day?
GEOFF OGLIVY:テつ I played nicely.テつ I was a bit loose on the front nine.テつ I hit a few kind of poor shots, iron shots.テつ But it's tricky.
You have ‑‑ 5,000feet's hard enough.テつ Awkward, I should say.テつ It's not high.テつ It's awkward.テつ You've got so many numbers in your head when you convert percentages and stuff.
Then add a wind that never seems to be blowing the same direction for more than about five minutes and it's up and down, the wind, too.テつ Like, it's gusting, changing directions, and you have the elevation complications.テつ And it's quite a hilly golf course.
It's awkward.テつ But saying that, I hit some‑‑ I hit it really well in my second nine actually.テつ I was disappointed, hit a portion of the last, but all in all it was pretty decent.テつ If that's my bad day, then seven points is pretty good.
It's hard to kind of‑‑ normally you know exactly how you played relative to everyone else points‑wise.テつ But you can kind of play rough and have seven points, play great and have seven points in this format.テつ So I think seven's pretty good for how I played and hopefully I'll make a few more tomorrow.

Q.テつ Take us through the eagle on 13.
GEOFF OGLIVY:テつ Yeah.テつ So it was nice because I've been kind of battling to get in and get going.テつ I hit‑‑ without being silly‑‑ perfect driver, perfect putt, really.テつ It's a semi‑awkward tee shot for me because it goes left to right, but I hit a really good one.
I hit a great 6‑iron from I think it was about 200 yards, maybe, to maybe 10 feet in the right back fringe and made it.テつ It's a bonus in this format because they're more valuable than two birdies, one eagle.テつ So that was nice.テつ It kind of got things going, kind of a round that was going slowly.テつ So to throw an eagle in there was a bonus.

Q.テつ What did it mean to this tournament to now be part of the end of the schedule, you know, just ahead of the FedEx, as opposed to just going into the fall series in years past?
GEOFF OGLIVY:テつ I think it's meant a lot to‑‑ a lot of these tournaments at this time of the year, Canada and Greensboro and Reno, guys still have quite a lot to play for.
And it doesn't matter how well sorted you are on the FedExCup, you always want to be higher up.テつ The higher up you are, the more chance you've got to get into Atlanta.テつ So it's getting to that point of the year where guys want to play a lot.
So it's great.テつ I mean, this is a great place.テつ I mean, most guys love coming to Reno, I think.テつ I assume.テつ I'm a West Coaster, so I like the dry air and everything about this place.
What the FedExCup did, I think, is give, yeah, some of the tournaments that might have been really easy to miss before, people a real incentive to play.テつ It's nice everybody loves coming here.
So it's nice that two or three weeks out of the playoffs and it's an opportunity for a lot of guys who maybe haven't played as well as they wanted to like throw a few points on the board.

Q.テつ And given where you are in the points right now, are you here, maybe, if there's still a fall series, if there's a fall series ahead of the points race?
GEOFF OGLIVY:テつ I probably would have played here, I think.テつ I mean, this hasn't been a very good year, really, for me.テつ So coming back to a place that I like and a format that I like, I love playing on the West Coast, or close to the West Coast.テつ So‑‑

Q.テつ We call ourselves West Coast.
GEOFF OGLIVY:テつ Yes.テつ I would probably be here.テつ Obviously, it was nice when you play in Akron.テつ But I had often watched this tournament from Akron kind of wishing I was here because I never loved playing there.
It's such a tough, brutal golf course.テつ You get beaten up all day.テつ It's kind of nice to‑‑ always looked lovingly at Reno on the TV, thinking it would be nice to play there since I'm on the West Coast.テつ It's nice to get back.

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