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August 1, 2014

Henrik Stenson


Q.  Hole out eagle at 10, then follow it up with another birdie.  4 under par, 66.  Well played today.
HENRIK STENSON:  Thank you.  I'm very happy with the score.  I hit some nice iron shots, and particularly that little three‑quarter wedge on my first hole, the 10th.
Apparently, I sniffed the flagstick yesterday, but it spun away, and I ended up making par.  I kind of got that birdie back from yesterday.  What else can you wish for than an eagle, birdie start?
That kind of set off the day.  Played quite all right.  Had to save myself a few times, but still fairly solid.

Q.  15 of 18 greens.  You had to be striking the ball pretty well.
HENRIK STENSON:  I hit a lot of good 3 woods off the tee in position and some nice iron shots in as well.  It could have been a couple of more putts dropping here and there, but still really happy with that.

Q.  A little bit warmer, not as much breeze out there today.  How did the golf course play for you?
HENRIK STENSON:  It's still playing really soft.  They had a lot of rain the last couple of months, if I understand correctly.
It's definitely playing softer than I would normally see it.  That almost plays a little bit tricky at times because you've got to watch your backspin on the approach shots.  A lot of greens are sitting towards you, and with a short club, you've got to try to take some spin off.  That makes it harder at times.
It's in good condition and a little bit easier scoring‑wise today than yesterday afternoon.
Yeah, I can't complain on that.  It was a good tee ball and then a nice little three‑quarter wedge.  It's hard from down there, but a pitch mark was right on line.  I don't know if it jumped past and then spun back in.  It kind of sounded like that on the reaction.
But a great shot, and it always makes it feel nice when it goes in as well.

Q.  Positive memories from last year.  What do you feel sets up best for you on this course?
HENRIK STENSON:  I'm coming in maybe not playing my best, and I haven't done that great.  I don't have the best track record here except last year.
But it's a course that should suit me pretty well if I'm playing good.  It's fairly long.  Got to be accurate off the tee and get some longer shots into the green.  It's a course that I probably should have done better at in the past.
We're hopefully looking forward instead.  So good second place finish last year, and hopefully I can improve over the weekend.

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