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August 1, 2014

Graham DeLaet


GRAHAM DeLAET:  Yeah, all in all, I'm happy shooting under par today.  Very disappointing finish.  I just kind of lost my drive there on the last few holes, and I was able to scramble and make a couple good par saves, but just didn't quite last.

Q.  The drives here are so important.  The fairways are so narrow.  When you do get in the rough, it's hard to fight back.
GRAHAM DeLAET:  Yeah, and most of the times you can't chase something onto the greens.  You're out 100 yards and trying to get up with a wedge.  That's what happened to me on 8 and 9, my last two holes, and I wasn't able to hole the putts.
I felt like I fought pretty hard today.  It's amazing, like I was 3 under through 15 or 16 holes today.  It was just so different than yesterday.  It was just an easy 3 under, and today I was just fighting all the way for 3 under.
Disappointing finish, but not a bad 36 holes.

Q.  Despite the grind today, though, you're playing well, last week at Canada and now two good rounds here.  You have to be pleased with the way your game is going now.
GRAHAM DeLAET:  Last week definitely gave me a little bit of confidence.  It's funny because I felt like I was playing well, just not getting the results.  Even at The Open Championship, I felt like I was on the bad side of the draw.
But I felt like I was playing a lot better than my scores, and it was nice to kind of see some results here.

Q.  As the course dries out and gets tougher‑‑ and we saw the 64 yesterday from Marc‑‑ do you see anything like that this weekend if things stay firm and fast?  Could be some rain tomorrow.
GRAHAM DeLAET:  Yeah, I think as long as you drive on the fairways, you have a chance to make birdies.
The 2nd hole is a pretty easy par 5 if you can just get the ball on the fairway.  If you're a little wild off the tee, you can shoot 4 or 5 over real quick.

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