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July 31, 2014

Justin Rose


Q.  Justin, just thoughts on the round.  Minus 5, great start.
JUSTIN ROSE:  So many times on tour we talk about left a couple out there and stuff like that.  I think today was one of those days where I got the most out of my round, so very pleasing.
A few times early in my round, I was in a little bit of trouble.  Especially on the 3rd hole, hit it right where I had to chip out, missed the green with a wedge, but chipped in for par. 
So little breaks like that today obviously kept the momentum going.  Then finished strongly, birdied 3 of the last 4.

Q.  Justin, did you hear anything about Dustin Johnson today?  Took a leave of absence from the tour.  Any comments about it?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Sure, just I found out about five minutes ago.  Obviously, just read his statement.  It's a big blow for the tour.  He's always been a charismatic player and popular player out here.  He's not going to play Ryder Cup.  That will be a blow for the American team.
Just wish him well, whatever he's facing right now.  Can't be easy for him.  Wish him all the best.  He's a friend of mine.  Yeah, didn't really know that that was on the cards.

Q.  We talked before how you like golf that's challenging, like the Congressional was or the U.S. Open was when you won.  Seems like here minus 15 or minus 16 could be the winning score if conditions stay the way they are.  Is that less satisfying for you to play golf that way?  Do you like horse races like this a little less?
JUSTIN ROSE:  No, I feel this is right in my wheelhouse of tournaments and courses.  I finished second one year at even par.  So this golf course can play tough.
Even though if you play really well there's a number out here, especially with it being soft right now, but if you miss, if you miss tee shots or miss irons, you're going to make bogeys on this golf course because it is a demanding test.  That's what I like about it.  It really gives you a reference for where your game's at.

Q.  Do you feel you're in a good place right now?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I always feel capable of shooting 20 under par.  It's not like I can't do that.  But I feel like some courses where it gets a little tough suits me.  If you're playing well, making putts, there's no reason you can't keep going low.

Q.  Did it click going into the final few holes?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Not really.  I made some nice putts.  One from 12 feet at 15.  That's a tricky green, but read the putt well.  And the wedge shot into 16, sort of 20 feet from behind the pin, which is sort of standard, but made a nice putt there.
Even 17, I had about 25 feet there which looked like it couldn't miss, slipped past the edge.¬† And made a nice 15‑footer at 18.¬† So just taking chances like that.¬† Cleans up the scorecard.
And playing with Rickie Fowler helps.  He's such a stud out there.  Rickie finished strong.  I finished strong.  It was a fun day.

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