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July 27, 2014

Jim Furyk


Q.テつ You were burning edges today but they just weren't going in.
JIM FURYK:テつ Yeah, I hit a bunch of good putts that didn't go.テつ The one I really think about was 14.テつ That 12, 13, 14 stretch was pretty instrumental.テつ I didn't get up‑and‑down at 12.テつ I hit a poor pitch and missed the putt at 13 and thought I hit a perfect putt at 14 that didn't go.テつ Timmy played those two holes 2‑under and made a nice comeback on the par‑3.
I felt like I hit the ball well today.テつ I played definitely good enough to win the golf tournament, but I only made two birdies and I've got to make more putts.

Q.テつ You got aggressive on 18, took it down the left side, gave yourself a great chance and still, you had that opportunity there, just missed it left?
JIM FURYK:テつ Yeah, I don't know if it was a misread or if I hit it too hard or a combination of both.テつ I felt like originally we might have had it out a little too far to the left, and I jockeyed the read a little bit and maybe because of that with a little less break maybe hit it a little too hard.テつ I felt like that ball was rolling end over end very well.テつ I hit a good, solid putt, but the read wasn't very good.

Q.テつ What do you take from this?テつ You were so close.
JIM FURYK:テつ It's too early really.テつ It's too early.テつ The disappointment is just coming out.テつ It was a positive week, but at this time it doesn't feel it, but I'll take something out of it eventually.

Q.テつ It's hard to control when your opponent shoots a 30 on the back nine to wrest the championship from you, but how do you feel you played on this final day at the RBC Canadian Open?
JIM FURYK:テつ I mean, I shot 69.テつ I didn't play a bad round of golf, but I hit the ball a lot better than that and I didn't score, didn't get the ball in the hole.テつ I missed an up‑and‑down opportunity early at 4, another one at 12, which was kind of a key, pivotal hole now looking back.テつ I feel like my short game, my putting was not very good, and on a day when the greens were this soft, the wind wasn't blowing that much, I only went out and made two birdies.テつ The positive is I made one bogey, and missing an easy up‑and‑down.テつ I didn't go out there and‑‑ I kind of controlled my own destiny.テつ I've got to shoot 3 or 4, and it would have been impossible to catch me today, or darn near it, and I left the door open with even par on the front not making any putts, and Tim took advantage and shot 30 on the back.

Q.テつ At this moment is this validation of the consistent play you've shown all year or a disappointment that this title slipped away from you?
JIM FURYK:テつ You know, I don't really need any validation for how I'm playing.テつ I'm definitely at the moment disappointed just because right now I'm in the scorer's tent.テつ I'll take something positive out of the week, as I was talking to radio before, but I've played good all year whether I've played well here or not.テつ But I'm definitely disappointed not to get over the hump.テつ It's been a long time since I've won, and it stings to finish second again.

Q.テつ I know it's not the result that you wanted, but at the same time is it hard to say that you were too conservative?テつ Your putting was not as good as during the week.
JIM FURYK:テつ Well, conservative in what way?

Q.テつ You were not challenging the pin like Clark did, but I thought you were in control all the time after the first nine, then all of a sudden on the back nine‑‑ you played well but Tim was playing so well.テつ Was it because you were conservative or not at all?
JIM FURYK:テつ You know, I look back, I hit it at the pin at 11, I didn't get up‑and‑down at 12, I hit it at the pin at 13, I hit it stiff at 14, I hit it at the pin at 16, I hit it stiff at 17, I hit it right at the pin at 18.テつ I'm not sure I understand conservative.テつ I couldn't have been much more aggressive on the back nine.
Really where I probably was a touch tentative was with the putter, and I didn't make enough putts today, and only making two birdies on this golf course today was the reason I didn't win.テつ If I'd have putted well and went out there and made four or five birdies, it would have been a different story.

Q.テつ The last putt, you knew that the putt could have been a tie or maybe a win, and you went past three feet.テつ Was it a wrong lecture or just‑‑
JIM FURYK:テつ It was maybe a little bit of a combination of a misread and probably hit it just a touch too hard.テつ You know, Mike and I kind of had it read a little farther out of the hole.テつ I took a little break out of it thinking that we might have overread it a little bit and in the process probably hit it a little hard because of that.テつ If I'd have hit it easier I'm not sure it would have gone in.テつ It might have still burned the high edge.テつ But it was probably a little bit of a read and hitting it a little too hard.

Q.テつ Talk about this week.
JIM FURYK:テつ First, I have to take my hat off to him.テつ He shot 30 on the back nine for a 65, so definitely not going to take anything away from that.テつ It was a heck of a round.テつ I felt like if I shot under par on the back nine I'd win, and that wasn't the case.テつ But the start probably got me.テつ Front nine wasn't playing that difficult.テつ I had good birdie putts at 1, 2 and 3, wasn't able to convert, hit a great putt at 4 from about six feet for par, didn't go in.テつ So I just kind of got behind the 8‑ball and I was able to make that one birdie at 7 but missing some chances at 6, 8 and 9, just the even par on the front, I had a hard time getting started today, and I hit the ball great all day.テつ I felt like I was aggressive, I hit the ball at the stick a lot.テつ I had a lot of good opportunities.テつ But on a day when it's benign like this, the greens are wet, there's no wind, you've got to make more than two birdies, and I wasn't able to‑‑ I just didn't putt well enough, and I didn't convert on the opportunities I had.

Q.テつ Tim was playing great.テつ Was there a moment where you started to worry a bit?
JIM FURYK:テつ Well, I tried to really focus on‑‑ on 18 when he made the putt I was pretty worried at that point.テつ I tried to stay focused on what I was doing out there, and he was putting a lot of pressure in that 12, 13, 14, 15 range, and I lost a shot at 12, made a good comeback at 13, I lost a shot at 14 and 15 and didn't play the holes poorly, but like I say, I didn't take advantage of opportunities.テつ I had some good birdie chances and I wasn't able to knock in putts.

Q.テつ Did the rain break have any impact at all?
JIM FURYK:テつ No, I was in a pretty good frame of mind.テつ It was a really awkward break for everyone.テつ I felt like everyone in our group handled it really well and hit the ball well on the way in, but it's rare that we come off the golf course and then we're not afforded a chance to go out and warm up.テつ But we really weren't in there that long.テつ I didn't feel that tight.テつ I feel like everyone in our group, Tim came out, knocked in a birdie putt at 15, we all hit the fairway at 16, which is a tough drive, and we birdied 17 and we played 18 well.テつ I don't really think it had much effect.テつ I was trying to use it as a positive and kind of collect my thoughts and have a good, positive attitude on the way in.テつ I honestly couldn't have hit the ball any better the last three holes, I only made one of the putts at 17.

Q.テつ Was the drive on 18 left of where you thought it was going to be?
JIM FURYK:テつ No, I knew I could carry the water.テつ It was 264, I think, to cover.テつ I felt like as long as I hit it solid, that wouldn't be an issue, especially being jacked up.テつ I was a little anxious maybe the last third of the flight just to make sure it got over, but I felt like I got it plenty good enough, and it looked like it only flew about that far from where it hit, so it made it by plenty.

Q.テつ Emotionally what does this loss mean?テつ It's been a while since you won.
JIM FURYK:テつ It's too soon really after‑‑ I got out of the scorer's tent and I'm on my fourth interview.テつ It's a little soon to kind of wrap my hands around it.テつ I'm obviously disappointed.テつ I've got no one to blame but myself.テつ It was a benign day, and 69 is not a bad round by any means, and only making two birdies, I let a couple guys back into the tournament that if I go out there and fire a 66 or 67, it's a done deal.

Q.テつ Tim has struggled the last few years with injuries.テつ Is it easier when you lose to a guy like that?
JIM FURYK: テつSo if I dislike the guy it would be harder to stomach?テつ Is that what you mean?
You know, I really like Tim and his wife Candace, and my wife and I get along with them very well.テつ I respect him.テつ I like his style of game.テつ But you kind of‑‑ you pretty much take the face out.テつ I'd almost rather like the guy I was playing against than dislike him because then I'd really want to beat him, try too hard.テつ It stings either way.テつ I'm happy for‑‑ I really am truly happy for him.テつ He did have some health issues and was off the TOUR for a little while battling that, so it's good to see him come out, but it really does sting.

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