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July 27, 2014

Brad Fritsch


Q. テつYou just missed that birdie on 18 for a 63.テつ But a 64, you must be happy.
BRAD FRITSCH:テつ I am very happy, yeah.テつ I didn't get much out of the front nine.テつ The back nine went really, really well, made some putts finally.

Q.テつ Eagle on 12?
BRAD FRITSCH:テつ Eagle on 12 was massive, yeah, it was huge.テつ I think it's my first eagle this year, which doesn't make any sense, but that's what it is.テつ But I played really well on the back, and I'm pleased with how the week went.

Q.テつ You had only one birdie on the front‑‑ I say one birdie, but at the same time were you expecting‑‑ you were playing well.
BRAD FRITSCH:テつ I was playing well.テつ I missed a couple short putts on the front nine, and I converted a couple of them on the back nine.テつ Last three holes I hit shots pretty close and just wasn't able to put them in.テつ Still a great one.

Q.テつ Pretty magical round out there.テつ How did it feel to you?テつ I know the back nine you hit some great shots in there, but overall how would you rate it?
BRAD FRITSCH:テつ I felt kind of jilted on the front nine.テつ Didn't get a lot out of it.テつ I hit it pretty close a couple times and missed.

Q.テつ And then you and Jason showed up on the back nine.
BRAD FRITSCH:テつ And then it went off.テつ Made a bunch of putts, including an eagle on 12, and knocked it close on 15, and that's when I thought, wow, we could have something really good here.テつ I hit a good putt on 17 and a good putt on 18 and it just didn't go.テつ But really pleased with how I just kept my focus.テつ Drove it in the fairway on 16 and 18, which are probably two of the most intimidating holes out here.テつ I was able to just strike it well and hit them close.

Q.テつ Bogey‑free over the weekend, a solid tournament for you.テつ Wrap up the week.
BRAD FRITSCH:テつ Just fortunate to be here on the weekend.テつ I mean, I made that 30‑footer on 18 on Friday, and even then we didn't know if it would be good enough.テつ Fortunately the wind kept blowing and the cut moved to par.テつ I felt lucky maybe playing with house money today and fortunately played really, really well, and just really pleased with that outcome.

Q.テつ It was obviously a very good round today but also a very important round for you toward the end of the season.
BRAD FRITSCH:テつ Yeah, you know, I don't know how far I'll move up, but every little bit helps.テつ As many points as I can get or on the Money List or whatever it is, I put myself a lot behind the 8‑ball this year, and I'm starting to crawl out of it, and that's all I can ask for.

Q.テつ Your last two starts have been good finishes and now you head into the last stretch playing some of the best golf of your year?
BRAD FRITSCH:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ I said after the John Deere, I'm trending pretty nicely, went home for a couple days to Ottawa and played there, so I really felt like my game was rounding into form.テつ I didn't quite see it on Thursday, but I'd say the back nine on Friday and then the weekend was probably some of the best golf I've played all year.

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