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July 27, 2014

David Hearn


DAVID HEARN:テつ I got off to a really nice start.テつ I felt like I gave myself tons of chances on that front nine, and even turning at 2‑under I really didn't feel like I cashed in on much.テつ Getting to that back nine I made one mistake at 11 that ended up costing me two shots.テつ After that I just didn't really have it after that.テつ But overall, great to be here in Montreal, but it just wasn't my week.

Q.テつ It looks like Brad Fritsch has had a good round.テつ He's 6‑under coming to 18.テつ Canadians in general here it was a pretty good week do you think?
DAVID HEARN:テつ Oh, absolutely.テつ We had lots of Canadians make all four days this year, which is good.テつ Some years have been pretty lean on that.テつ Great to see Brad having a nice week.テつ It's nice to see different guys do well.テつ It just shows how deep the talent is in Canada.

Q.テつ Is there any particular thing that didn't go right for you at times?
DAVID HEARN:テつ I just never putted this week.テつ I felt like I kind of got hot at times, but the first day even‑‑ I just didn't capitalize on my chances.テつ These greens just kind of had my fooled a little bit this week.

Q.テつ Was it worse with the rain today at all?
DAVID HEARN:テつ No, the course was in just fine shape. テつWe had a fair bit of rain there early in the morning, but the course played just fine.テつ I feel like the soft greens obviously led to some of the good scores today, but overall the course played great all week.

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