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July 26, 2014

Colin Montgomerie


Q.  Let's talk about the Front 9 first of all, 3‑under, playing nicely, but you're not making any headway.  The lead's still 7.  What were your thoughts?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  I know.  Amazing, you know, and when I reached the ninth and felt that I was 3‑under doing okay and so was he.  You know, you just feel like you're swimming into the current, uphill, into the wind, one arm, treading water, you know.  Amazing.
But all credit to him.  He's‑‑ as I said yesterday, he's the best player out here, and he's proving it.

Q.  Back 9 incredibly frustrating, I'm sure.  Starts with the double, getting in the footprint on 17.  Tell us about that from your point of view.
COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  No, 10, 11 were just criminal.  You know, I just played these holes very poorly, and then you need a bit of fortune.  You do, in these conditions when it gets a bit bouncy like this.
I didn't get it.  My 4‑iron off the tee, we had 255 to the bunker, and 4‑iron, you know, just hit brick hard and ran, just trickled into someone's mess in the bunker, which isn't good, I must admit.
And that's poor at this level, at any level, at any professional sport, golf, that's poor, not to rake a bunker.  Everyone else does, so why shouldn't he?  Everyone else does.
But at the same time I had to come backwards and make bogey there, and missed my birdie at the last as well, so it was just a horrendous Back 9, back in 40 and obviously nowhere near to win tomorrow.  My best I can do is second and that's what we're going for.

Q.  We wish you luck with that quest.

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