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June 2, 1997

Jim Furyk


WES SEELEY: Jim Furyk, 71-66-67 -- 204, 12-under par, which shall tie for second. Shall we start with birdies and bogeys starting on Saturday.

JIM FURYK: I made all my birdies after breaks, actually. I came back after the first break and made a par-putt on 4 from about six or seven feet. And then hit a driver and a 3-iron to layup on 5. And hit a sand wedge about three feet and made that for birdie. Birdied No. 7, the par-5. I hit driver, 4-wood -- I can't remember the clubs anymore. I hit a sand wedge in there about five feet from the hole and made a birdie.

WES SEELEY: How far did you get to?

JIM FURYK: We got to 11. I was on the green with about a 9-footer for birdie when we got delayed. We went back out and I made that putt for birdie and on 13 I made birdie, hit a driver and 6-iron about 15-feet short of the pin and made that. And birdied 15. I didn't hit a good drive, hit a little thin and hit it low off the hill, and needed to get it up in the air. I had to layup with a 7-iron. Hit that fat, I had a 9-iron to the the pin, hit it about eight-feet behind the hole and knocked that in for birdie. Coming in I had some good chances, but the putts didn't drop.

Q. Where did you start today?

JIM FURYK: I started on the 11th green, had a 9-footer for birdie there.

Q. Do you feel like you ran out of time or that you're happy to get it over with?

JIM FURYK: I'm happy to get it over with, but I think everyone was just -- we'd like to see a 72-hole event if possible, but it just wasn't possible this week. I think we're fortunate with the forecast to get in 54. So I'm not really sure I ran out of time. I played real solid golf this week, Vijay just played better.

Q. How would you compare this week to other tournaments with respect to your own game? Was it one of your best or what?

JIM FURYK: Last three weeks I've played very solid. Three top tens the last three weeks. I think -- I won't say that I was on top of my game as well as I was maybe when I won some other tournaments, like when I won Las Vegas and Kapalua, I was playing probably as well as I could. I made some mental errors there, or I actually would have won by some more. This week I wasn't maybe hitting my best or doing some of the things my best, but I think this might be the best I've ever played, the most I've ever got out of my game for a tournament. I didn't make a bogey all week, made 12 birdies, finished 12-under. I played very solid golf. And actually Jimmy Roberts reminded me of that in the locker room, I wanted to strangle him. Don't jinx me. It didn't end up being a jinx.

Q. Both you and Greg had putts that dove in and out that would have put either of you 13 under, and put a little more pressure on Vijay?

JIM FURYK: Vijay was standing on the fairway behind me, was he still at 15 --

WES SEELEY: He bogeyed 17.

JIM FURYK: He was two back. Actually that putt would have been really nice to put a little heat on him. Was he in the middle of the fairway?

Q. Right hillside?

JIM FURYK: This is getting worse and worse as we go.

WES SEELEY: But he knocked it on the green from there.

JIM FURYK: That makes me feel better. Now I can smile about it. I felt out there with a few holes to play, I told myself before I played I needed to birdie at least two of them and get to 13, and reevaluate the situation. And when Vijay got to 15, I thought I'd probably have to get it to 14-under, make two birdies coming in. I had a chance the last two holes for birdie, I would have really liked the one to go in and make solo second. It would have been nice to at least make him make par on the last hole. But I hit the best drive, I hit the best 6-iron and hit the best putt I possibly could, but it didn't go in.

Q. What were the lengths on those last three holes, the lengths of the birdie putts?

JIM FURYK: 16, I hung to the right, probably 35 feet and left it about two-inches short of the hole. I hit a driver and 7-iron on 17 about 15 feet. And I didn't hit such a great putt, I didn't read it right, and I left out to the right. And 18, I had about I'd say about 12 feet behind in the left. So I had a downhill left-to-right putt. And I hit what I thought was perfect. I had Lee Janzen about a foot farther on the same exact line as me. And he missed it on the high side, hit it a little hard. I hit it pretty good speed, it went past and caught the upper lip.

Q. You caught a lot of that lip, they had it on slow motion.

JIM FURYK: I had a good putt and that's part of golf. So I can't complain.

Q. Well, you said earlier about you weren't on top of your game like you were when you won. But I think it was you in here the other day who said that the conditions this week, you can get away with a little bit more than --

JIM FURYK: You don't have to be playing your best to win. I doubt anyone -- Vijay is not going to come in here and said he shot perfect or played his best golf. It took me a few years to learn that out here. I always felt like if I had a bad hole or couple of bad holes in a row I wasn't going to win, that wasn't going to be the first week. When I won Las Vegas and Kapalua in my second year, I really did play very well. I made some mistakes, but I was hitting the ball so well and putting so well, I felt like I was going to win both tournaments. And it wasn't until my third year I won Hawaii and I really didn't hit the ball that well, I just played smart golf. I got the ball in the hole. The course really favors my style. That's when I sat back and I kind of learned something, you really don't have to play perfect to win. I heard a lot of veterans say that, but I never -- as a rookie, being young, you don't really understand. You don't know what it's like. So I learned from that and realized that if I go out there and make a couple bogeys or have a bad hole, it doesn't mean the tournament is over, it's going to be harder to win, but you're not out of the tournament.

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