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July 25, 2014

Tim Petrovic


Q.テつ How were you able to keep the momentum from yesterday going today?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ You know, I'm not sure.テつ I just kind of got out there this morning and just tried not to do too much.テつ Put the ball in play and hit the ball on the green.テつ Sounds simple, but that kind of was my game plan.テつ I knew it was a little breezy, a little cooler, and it was going to be playing a little tougher.テつ There was some par‑4s we were hitting a couple hybrids into, but I just tried to keep it simple.テつ Had a few up‑and‑downs to keep the momentum going and I made one bogey, hit a bad tee shot on 18, but that's going to happen.

Q.テつ We know you've had limited action on TOUR this year and you were the eighth alternate into this tournament, the last guy to get in the field.テつ Was there any way that you saw this sort of performance coming?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ I have been hitting the ball really well for about the last three weeks.テつ I've seen signs of some good rounds coming.テつ I was just talking about it last week, and it's always nice‑‑ yeah, I'm surprised‑‑ am I surprised?テつ Maybe a little.テつ But I've been playing pretty well, just haven't had anything to show for it.

Q.テつ How do you feel about the weekend now?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ It's nice to be here on the weekend for a change.

Q.テつ Been a few months?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ Yeah, yeah, I'm looking forward to it.テつ I'm still tired.テつ I'm ready for a week off, but maybe I can bring myself home on some fumes this weekend.

Q.テつ You hit just half your fairways, hit 10 greens and yet it all added up to a 66.テつ How were you able to keep it at that score of 10‑under and keep yourself in contention here?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ It was playing a little tougher this morning.テつ I didn't drive it as well as I did yesterday for sure, but I scrambled around.テつ I hit it in a few bunkers.テつ The bunkers are probably the best bunker sand I've ever seen.テつ It's like you pray to be in the bunkers so you can just hit a bunker shot out of there.テつ I had a few good saves to keep the momentum going and it wasn't as sharp as yesterday, but I made a few par savers.テつ But one bogey on 18 and then turned it around with a birdie on 1, which really helped kind of keep it going for me.

Q.テつ What is the feeling where you don't hit it as well as you did on the first day and yet maintain, considering the fact that you were barely in this field?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ Yeah, I felt great out there, emotionally.テつ Physically I'm a little tired, mentally a little bit.テつ I felt fine, that was the good part, and I think I just was really low key, didn't really matter where I hit a shot, and I was just playing the next shot wherever it was, and I just kind of plotted along like that and kept giving myself chances.

Q.テつ How is the family vacation going without you?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ Well, I talked to them last night.テつ My wife said, it's a lot easier watching you on TV than it is trying to follow you on the app.テつ I said, yeah, I know, if you play good, they show you.テつ I think they picked some raspberries yesterday, so they had a great time.

Q.テつ So far would you say this is better than vacation?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ Yeah, vacation is working out good so far.

Q.テつ Nice round out there today.テつ What was working for you?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ I kind of plotted my way along today, didn't really hit as many fairways, didn't hit as many greens, but short game was sharp, kept me in the ballgame today, and I backed up my only bogey with a birdie on 1, which kind of helped give me a little bump, make me a little more comfortable with a few holes to play.
Overall I was happy.テつ It was playing a little tougher.テつ It was a little cooler this morning, a little more wind.テつ It was kind of in the same direction, but the pin placements I thought were tougher today.

Q.テつ Are you happy with the way you're playing right now?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ Yeah, I've been hitting the ball pretty good for the last few weeks and just really haven't had much to show for it.テつ I was just really happy yesterday to finally get a good round just to finally finish a round, get a good round under my belt, and I was real happy the way today the way I hung in there even though I wasn't hitting as many fairways and greens, but just to get up‑and‑down and save the round.

Q.テつ You're on the top of the leaderboard with some pretty heavy company right now, Jim Furyk, Graham DeLaet, Graeme McDowell is up there.テつ Does that matter to you going into the third round?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ No, I know those guys, great guys.テつ Jim is a great player.テつ He's won this tournament.テつ Graham has really come along.テつ I remember playing with gram when he first came out a few years ago, and he's progressed really nicely and become one of the top world‑class players.テつ But basically you've just got to go out and play your own game, and that's kind of what I've been doing today.

Q.テつ Do you remember the last time you were in a position like this after 36?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ Do I remember the last time?テつ It's been a while, but last time I got myself into position I think I won New Orleans, but I kind of came from behind.テつ I think I was like five or six down going into the last day.テつ But everybody says it's‑‑ I'd rather be in front than five behind if that's what you're asking me.テつ No, it's been a while since I've been in this position, but I'm excited.テつ I can't wait to play tomorrow.

Q.テつ Did you talk to your family still on vacation?
TIM PETROVIC:テつ I talked to them.テつ My wife says, it's a lot easier watching you on TV than trying to follow you on the app. I said, yeah, you play good, they put you on TV.テつ They were happy.テつ My kids weren't happy when I left, but they're a little happier now that I am playing well, so it's okay.

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