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July 25, 2014

Bruce Vaughan


Q.テつ A lovely day's golf which had its ups and downs.
BRUCE VAUGHAN:テつ It did.テつ We started out this morning virtually wasn't any wind starting, you know.テつ Made two decent pars on the first two holes, and then I hit it close on 3 and made that.テつ And then hit a pretty good shot on 4 and made that, and then I hit a heck of a 2‑iron on the next.テつ The wind started picking up, you know, and hit a 2‑iron in there about four or five feet and made that.
Par‑5s, I have yet to hit a decent tee shot on this par‑5, and hit a bad putt and I had to lay it up down there and then hit in there about six, eight feet behind the hole and made that.テつ So I made four in a row, and I said, okay.テつ Then I go to the next tee and I pop up a 2‑iron in a bunker that I guarantee there's nobody hit it in that bunker this whole week, you know, and I make bogey there.テつ And then turn around and birdie the next hole.
And then 9 I thought I hit a really good shot on 9.テつ I really did.テつ I hit a good 6‑iron in there and it took a weird kick, straight right, and then I was down in the bunker and I was one knee in and one foot sticking out sideways, and made bogey there.
Then I hit it in the bunker on the next hole, made another bogey.テつ And then 13, hit a bad tee shot there again, chopped it out and then hit a heck of a 5‑iron in there pretty close, made that.テつ And then I hit it in the bunker on 16 and it was an easy bunker shot, scalded it over the green.テつ I don't know.テつ Then I finally birdied the last hole.テつ Somehow I ended up with a 69.

Q.テつ Sounds like one of those rounds that you could only have a links course.
BRUCE VAUGHAN:テつ Well, no, you're right.テつ Those two 6‑irons I hit were actually perfect.テつ Then I ended up making a bogey and double and then I hit a couple of shots I thought were in bad shape and it turned out okay.テつ It's just the way golf is over here, you know.テつ You just gotta accept it when it happens.テつ You get the bad bounces and then you get some good bounces to off set.

Q.テつ As a Senior Open champion yourself and you've got a lovely record in this championship.テつ Presumably you've got an affinity with links and just know the patience, the creativity, everything that's needed.
BRUCE VAUGHAN:テつ Well, that's a part of it.テつ Growing up out in western Kansas we'd get some hard fairways and stuff like that.テつ You run it and the wind blows all the time and stuff.
You know, I love coming over here.テつ I tell everybody at home, you've gotta come over here, you gotta experience it and stuff, because there's no place else in the world you'll get this.
And I thoroughly enjoy it, and I think that makes a big difference when you come over here, you know, knowing what you're getting into and just accept it.

Q.テつ What's the experience of south Wales, of Royal Porthcawl, perhaps in comparison to Troon?
BRUCE VAUGHAN:テつ I don't know.テつ I think Troon was a lot difficult then.テつ Troon had a lot more gunch right up close and stuff, but it's similar.テつ It was running fast, and they got this running fast.
You know, I played last‑‑ two weeks ago at the U.S. Open, senior Open at home and I was asking some of the Europeans about it and all I heard was war stories and I thought, man, it can't be that bad, you know.テつ And I got over here.テつ You know, I think when they played the weather was a lot worse and stuff.
You know, it's a difficult golf course.テつ You can hit some shots that turn out really good or you can hit some shots that turn out bad.テつ I love the golf course.テつ I think it's great.テつ They got it set up, running fast like they want it.テつ I thoroughly enjoy it.

Q.テつ It's not bad when you come out of a war zone and you find yourself on that leaderboard in a tidy position.
BRUCE VAUGHAN:テつ Yeah.テつ No kidding.テつ I mean you know, Bernhard, I think he's on a mission for what happened to him last year.テつ But that's the thing, you never know about here.テつ You know, you can have some two and three shot swings pretty easy on one hole out here.

Q.テつ Thank you very much.

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