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July 24, 2014

Christopher Williams


CHRIS WILLIAMS:テつ I've just been looking at the scores inside there, and there's some terrible scores.テつ The course is not playing that easy, even though there's very little wind.テつ That's because the fairways are very hard and drive and you don't know where the ball is going to stop, so I was trying to figure out how to, what yardage you're going to play to before it runs into these bunkers here.テつ I played quite well today.

Q.テつ Tell us about conditions.テつ Did they change much during the round?テつ Seemed to us the wind dropped and changed direction during the day.
CHRIS WILLIAMS:テつ It has a little bit.テつ It seems to be dropping right now.テつ It was gusting at about ten and not very strong throughout the whole day, so it was quite playable, the course.テつ If you can keep it in play, you can hit the greens and you can be all right.

Q.テつ Five or six years, you've been playing on this tour and had some success and a win and five top seconds and loads of Top‑10s. テつWhat's behind all the consistency?
CHRIS WILLIAMS:テつ Well, I suppose a lot of practice like everybody else does.テつ But I've played on the Tour, on the Sunshine Tour, up until my 50th birthday, so I've stayed competitive for a long time.テつ Just carried that on all the way into the Senior Tour.

Q.テつ How excited about the position you find yourself in now in a major championship?
CHRIS WILLIAMS:テつ This is great.テつ Any time you can play this well in a major championship and with all these tremendous names, they are the legends of golf, and to be part of there and up there with these great players is fantastic.

Q.テつ Your thoughts on shooting such a wonderful round to start this championship?
CHRIS WILLIAMS:テつ It's great to get a good score on first day, because it puts you in the position where you feel like you are really involved in the tournament straightaway, and to be up there with some great names, it's fantastic, with Bernhard Langer and David Frost, my fellow countrymen, so it's great.

Q.テつ Did it feel great right from the off when you were getting the birdies and moving up there?
CHRIS WILLIAMS:テつ Well, I started very well.テつ I was very comfortable on the range this morning.テつ I have to say, this day was probably one of the best days for putting I've had for a long, long time.テつ I knocked in everything to shoot 3‑under par, so I was very fortunate.
My irons could have been a little better but my driving was good.テつ But today was all about my chipping and putting.テつ The back nine,テつ I only hit four greens, but I saved myself from everywhere and that's just what golf is all good.

Q.テつ I take it in wonderful weather like this, blue skies and the heat, the course is hard and fast.
CHRIS WILLIAMS:テつ The course is very hard.テつ If we go back last year when we had 40‑mile‑an‑hour winds and it was horrible weather that I had ever seen in my whole life, but today it's been sublime and the wind has not picked up.
I can only imagine how tough this course is going to be when the wind does blow.テつ I just hope I can carry on with the way I've been playing.

Q.テつ I might sound daft asking somebody who has played it well just how tough it is, but that wind is tricky, even when the conditions are so glorious?
CHRIS WILLIAMS:テつ It is.テつ We still have three hours of golf out there, and the grass on the greens is drying out.テつ You can see it's getting a bit of a shine now, and the fairways are like ice rinks.テつ The last drive, I hit 300 up there and still you can't find a way to hit the green because it just bounces.
The course is playing very difficult.

Q.テつ Still have the great affiliation for the Sunshine Tour?
CHRIS WILLIAMS:テつ Absolutely.テつ I come from Liverpool and we all support the Liverpool Football Club and everything.テつ I grew up in South Africa, and I grew up with David Frost and he's a tremendous player.テつ Look forward to playing with him hopefully this week.

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