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July 24, 2014

Colin Montgomerie


Q.  How pleased are you with your opening round?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  It's very, very firm, very fast, a la Muirfield last year or even Hoylake in 2006.  It's getting like that.  If God doesn't water it tonight, which He doesn't look likely to, let's hope they turn on the voluntary sprinklers and get this place a wee bit drier than it is.  I'm hitting 5‑irons almost 300 yards out there which is daft.
But at the same time, you guess and you've got to guess the right way, and that's links golf in these conditions.  You know, Phil Mickelson managed it at Muirfield so we have to do the same here.  It's most difficult because of the undulations here.  Muirfield is an awful lot flatter.  This is one of the most undulating links courses you'll play, ten to 15 miles an hour makes a hell of a difference, and quite tough.
So I think Bob Tway's 4‑under might well stand the whole day.  So 1‑over, to cut a very long story short, 1‑over is okay.

Q.  You're going for a hat trick of senior majors; there's a lot of attention, is there also added pressure?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  No, I just have to really enjoy myself.  This has never really been my form of honest with you, if I was perfectly honest and brutally honest, I don't have a very good record in the British Open.  I was second once.
But I do prefer the American‑style of courses.  This is guesswork and I'm not very good at guessing.  So I've got to go back to the poker tables and guess a wee bit more and see how we go tomorrow.

Q.  Obviously feeling extremely confident with the recent results, how important is that?
COLIN MONTGOMERIE:  I think it's important to everybody.  That was the problem today with us all; how can you possibly put a great swing on a club that you're not quite sure how far it's going to go?  And you're always looking up a wee bit early.  You're always a wee bit anxious, and that's why balls go right out here.
People are anxious to find out where the ball has gone before they hit it and I fell into that category a couple of times myself.  Confidence is great, if you know how far the ball is going to go, and out here, you don't today, and that's why the scoring is a wee bit harder than it might be otherwise.

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