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July 24, 2014

Paula Creamer

Cristie Kerr

Stacy Lewis

Lexi Thompson


THE MODERATOR:  Good afternoon, everyone.  We would like to welcome Team USA into the interview room.
Ladies, a tough day out there.  I know not exactly the way that you guys wanted things to go, but Stacy, what were the things that you guys take out of today from your matches?  What did you guys learn?
STACY LEWIS:  Well, I guess we learned that those pairings didn't work very well.  But Lexi and I, I was proud of her.  We hung in there.  We couldn't get many putts to fall, but we kept hanging in there all day.  And Yani making that, we both kind of had a feeling she was going to make that putt on 18, just the way she had putted all day and just the way things had gone.
So it certainly hurts to lose there on the last hole and just because we hung in there so well all day.  But like Cristie said when we were coming over here, there's teams that could get zero points the next two days as well.  So we have still got a long ways to go.
THE MODERATOR:  This is only day one of three days of competition where you can earn a lot of points.  Paula, you guys were making pairings shortly.  But what did you talk about heading into tomorrow and any game plan change that you guys have?
PAULA CREAMER:  They're not announced, so we can't get into too much info there.  But doesn't matter who we play with on this team.  It really doesn't.  We all mesh well together.  We just didn't get the job done.  I only got to see a couple holes of their match and Stacy made a great birdie on 17, and Yani made one heck of a putt on 18.
In our match, we just never really had two balls, two good looks at it.  It wasn't like we played horrible, but they made birdies and they made those putts that they needed to.  And we never had any momentum going.  It's tough.  It's frustrating.
We're all sitting here and we're not feeling the best, but I think that we're going to take it as super momentum, super positive and go into tomorrow.  We hate losing, we all do, but it's the first day of many more to come.  We're going to try to get a little bit more momentum going into tomorrow.
THE MODERATOR:  Lexi, you guys got to watch Yani kind of put on a show a little bit on that front nine.  We have all seen her as a No. 1 in the world before and she's kind of had her upsanddowns.  How impressive was it of what she put together today for her play?
LEXI THOMPSON:  It was very impressive, especially the start.  She drained some pretty long putts for birdies and we knew we had to make birdies to win today.  We just didn't have too many putts that went in for us.
But, yeah, Yani put on a show on the front nine, and Phoebe came in on a few of those holes on the back and made a few birdies there.
But we fought strong throughout the whole day.  Got it to all square through 10 and then through 16 and tried to close it out, but Yani just made another putt on us.
THE MODERATOR:  Open it up to questions.

Q.  Following that up, Stacy, could you also comment on what you saw in Yani today.
STACY LEWIS:  I wouldn't say it's a Yani of old, but she just made putts.  She didn't hit it perfect, she hit some bad shots, she hit some good shots.  But she's just made putts.  And in best ball, that's what it comes down to.
If your partner is hanging in there and you got two looks at birdies, it's just a lot easier to make some putts.  I think that they did that a few more times maybe than we did, and that was really the difference, early, especially.

Q.  For Cristie, when you come into an event like this, first time event on U.S. soil, as a top seed, does that put a pressure on a team maybe more than they, more than you want to talk about, more than you let on?  Do you feel a responsibility to sort of carry the torch here because it's in the U.S.?
CRISTIE KERR:  Well, I think that you always are proud to wear your colors and play for your country and your teammates.  But match play is kind of a funny thing.  You can play great and lose a match and/or just hang around and end up making more putts and winning a match.  So I told these girls not to hang their heads because tomorrow's a new day.
There's a lot of golf left this week, and some teams that maybe won three points today might get shut out tomorrow.  So it is a good possibility.  You really are not going to know what's going to happen until I think middle of the third day.  So we have just got to fight as hard as we can until then.

Q.  Paula, can you kind of compare the vibe here on the first tee and throughout the day compared to a Solheim Cup?
PAULA CREAMER:  It's obviously a little bit different than a Solheim Cup.  This is the first year.  Fans don't quite know what to expect.  I know a lot of people have come here that have been to previous Solheim Cups, but the first tee was a good great experience, playing music, things like that, the National Anthems for all the countries.  I thought that was very special.
I think there's going to be a lot more people coming in on the weekend.  That's the thing is we are here in our home soil, we obviously want our fans the crowds to be rowdy and to cheer for us.  But I understand the dynamics of there's seven other countries as well.  It's a little bit different because of that.
But you can compare anything, I don't think, to that Solheim Cup atmosphere.  I think one day this will get to that.  But this is the first year and the first day, so it's kind of hard to do the apples and oranges with that.

Q.  For anyone, do you think it's possible that you under estimated Taiwan going into today?
STACY LEWIS:¬† I don't think so.¬† I know my game plan didn't change.¬† It doesn't change regardless of who I'm playing.¬† And they're an eight‑seed and so they're out there kind of with nothing to lose.
Definitely there's probably some more pressure with No. 1, but we all knew it coming into match play, anything can happen.  And it's such a fickle thing.  It always comes down to one putt here and there.  It's never anything major, it's just one putt.

Q.  For anyone who wants to answer, how do you usually try to regroup after a disappointing day and how is it different when you have teammates?
CRISTIE KERR:  You have to just keep positive and try to find the good in the day, even though it was disappointing.  We're going to be coming out guns a blazing.  We have nothing to lose from here on in.  We have to fight as hard as we can fight.  So just try to be there for your teammates and just try to have good pairings and play the best you can.  That's all you can do.

Q.  Stacy, you mentioned you didn't think she's quite the Yani that we saw at her very peak, but she is still so young.  What does she have to do to get back to being the Yani of old.  What are things you think she will have to do better?
STACY LEWIS:  I think the Yani of a couple years ago, she hit it a lot better.  She hit it a lot higher.  Today if you watched, a lot of her drives they were line drives.  And I remember when she was winning all those tournaments, she hit it like Lexi does now, hits it really high, carried it really far.
So I think to really get back to where she was, probably has to get to that point.
But I just saw today with the putter, I mean that's, for her, I think it's always going to be there.  So who knows what happens in the next few years.
THE MODERATOR:  All right.  Well, thank you very much, ladies.  Best of luck tomorrow.

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