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July 19, 2014

Keegan Bradley


Q. What was it like to go out the first time to make history?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: It was strange. I was kind of up at 10, 10:30 last night thinking I'd be off at 11. Then all of a sudden I'm first off, 5:30 wake-up. But it was fun playing with Phil and Duf. Come all the way over to Europe, and sure enough to play with Phil Mickelson and Jason Dufner, like we do all the time.

Q. How many money games have you three played in practice rounds?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: A lot. 50, maybe more. Play a lot with Duf. We're the same coach, and then obviously played a bunch with Phil. It was fun. It was probably the most relaxed atmosphere I've ever had at a major, maybe even in a tournament.

Q. The weather?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: The weather, I seem to have been on the bad side of a couple of draws now. But it rained pretty good our first six holes. And there were some pretty easy pins those first couple of holes that we were kind of grinding out pars. You expect that when you come over here.

Q. Given the change, were you expecting it to be a lot worse, were you bracing yourself for that?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, I think everybody was kind of getting ready for a hurricane or extreme rain. So actually it's really, really nice out right now. It's about as nice as you could ever imagine over here.

Q. How much easier did it play today?
KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, I mean it's playing considerably easier, I would say. That's not to say -- the bunkers were still in the same spot, you still have to avoid them. The greens were a little softer. There's practically no wind. But it's such a fun atmosphere and fun to be out there.
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