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July 19, 2014

Adam Scott


Q. (Inaudible.)
ADAM SCOTT: Played well and I putted so poorly the first ten holes, missed every chance I gave myself, and then got in a spot of buzzer by the green at the 10th. And I was pretty frustrated at that point. But with 26 holes left to play in soft conditions, I know I'm playing well. I can create a lot of chances. And if I make some, I could climb back up there and at least I made some the last few holes.

Q. What was the story with the double on 10?
ADAM SCOTT: I blocked a 2-iron into the green and it plugged under the face of the bunker. That deep bunker on the right there, and managed to make a (indiscernible) off of there.

Q. What's your plan tomorrow?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I mean, if we have similar conditions today, I mean, there are low scores out there. If you can get it going for 18 holes, there's a chance for that major scoring record to be broken. If you can post a number at a major, you never know. Because no matter how easy you might think it is, it's a lot harder with the pressure of a major out there for the leaders.

Q. Can you be aggressive tomorrow and go for it?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, you can. Yeah, absolutely. I mean it's as soft as we're going to see it, and good shots will be rewarded. I'm playing pretty well. I'll have to pick my moments. But you can get aggressive off the tee. Like again, today driver took a lot of bunkers out of play, and you could go over them and leave yourself short clubs in. You've got to take advantage of that if you're in the fairway.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ADAM SCOTT: At least. I think out of the group of the guys up there, there's probably a low one in one of them, if they want to win it and they're going to have to do it. But like I said, you never know. We've seen so many crazy things happen. I've got to give myself some hope, you know.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ADAM SCOTT: I think it was pretty exciting. Certainly if you're a few back, you're in it. And two eagle chances and a legitimate birdie chance down 17 when the wind's down, like it is, you know, lots can happen. And if it is very windy, then certainly lots can happen. I think probably a good month it would be in, and not out of it. And if you're a few out, you've got a chance.

Q. Do you think it's a mental thing, a pressure thing?
ADAM SCOTT: I guess they all are at some point, it's how well you can handle it and execute the shots under certain situations. But yeah, I think the guys are probably feeling like it's as calm as it can get. I don't know, there will be some pressure tomorrow but I think it's playing as easy as it can, so guys are going to shoot low.
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