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July 19, 2014

Skylar Diggins

Brittney Griner


Eastern Conference: 125
Western Conference: 124

Q.  Brittney, I know you probably wanted to get the win but getting to play in the game after last year, what was your experience like?
BRITTNEY GRINER:  I definitely wanted to win, didn't get it, but I think everybody in the stands that left today had a good time and enjoyed the game and that's what it's all about, putting on a show for our crowd, for our fans.

Q.  Did you make a point to get off to a hot start and then you had a couple of baskets early, a block?
BRITTNEY GRINER:  I just wanted to have a good game and started off pretty hot and I just wanted to feed off that.

Q.  Skyler, we spoke to some of the younger players on the other side, can you speak to the fact that the last couple of years you guys have been able to come in and play like you have been around the WNBA for four or five years?
SKYLAR DIGGINS:  I'm sorry, can you repeat that?

Q.  Just talk about coming in as a relative newbie, even though it's year two and the fact that you've been able to fit in for four or five seasons.  Can you speak to that?
SKYLAR DIGGINS:  Well, I thought coming in with the likes of B.G. and Elena Delle Donne and some other special players, I thought we had a great group, our draft class, along with this draft class and it shows you that the future of our league is so bright.  To come in and make an immediate impact, you know, that's a good blessing, you gotta chalk it up to the hard work of the girls and I think it's getting better and better every year and the quality of our product and our basketball is getting better and I think we're playing our best basketball right now.
It's great for us to be a part of it, you know, we have vets that help us out so much and have done so much for our league and you see the passing of the torch, if you will, and tonight I thought was a great example of that.
Q. Brittney, you put on quite a show during warm‑ups with the dunking and you had a dunk in the middle of the game.  Officially you're the third woman to dunk in an WNBA All‑Star game but the other two were set‑ups.  What do you think it means to the character of the game to have a player who is able to throw down in the regular course of the game as opposed to having somebody clear the court?
BRITTNEY GRINER:  That's big.  When they clear the court and let you dunk, that's cool, too, but being able to do it in the midst of the game just shows, you know, the progress of the league.  Before, you know, we had to set things up.
Now, you just tell 'em "Hey, we should try to get a dunk," and we know we can do it now.

Q.  Brittney, can you talk about that play?  It looked like they saw you right there and you took it to the hole.
BRITTNEY GRINER:  Yeah, she saw me, and just like the other two I had, one, two step and go up and dunk it.

Q.  Skyler, can you talk about you were down quite a bit in the fourth quarter in the last couple of minutes and you made a nice push.
SKYLAR DIGGINS:  We're competitive, that's what happened.  It turned into a real game and not an All‑Star Game and we played defense, finally.  But we're all competitors and we knew we were going to turn up the heat.
When you got players like B.G. and Nneka out there you can make things happen quickly, Maya and you can score in bunches.  We had Sue out there with the "young" legs tonight!  I thought we did a great job of making that come‑back and tying it up, making it go into overtime and that was a show.  That was a show for the fans, they got extra.  Everybody got their money's worth tonight and it was fun to be a part of at present.

Q.  Brittney, the dunks are one thing but what do you think about the 3‑pointer?
BRITTNEY GRINER:  You know, I have to pull those out in the second half of the season now, you know?
SKYLAR DIGGINS:  Gotta put that on the scouting report!
BRITTNEY GRINER:  Girl!  I don't know, I hit a couple in practice, open practice and I was like, hey, whatever, shoot one in the game, it's the all‑star, why not?

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