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July 17, 2014

Justin Rose


Q. Tell us your thoughts on the course.
JUSTIN ROSE: Even par always feels like a waste of five hours, really. I felt like there was a lot of good stuff today. Really felt comfortable with my game early on, to be honest with you, and felt like a posted a nice score. But ran out of a little bit of steam on the back nine. The back nine was playing a little tricky, and had trouble with club selection off the tee. Tried to force the 2-iron a couple of time when I should have hit 3-wood or driver. I'll learn from that for tomorrow. And I've got to make a low score.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JUSTIN ROSE: Obviously I played with Adam and Duf. Making score is still possible out there. You had to play well. But it didn't get really, really tough. But I don't think the greens rolled as true in the afternoon as they did in the morning. Some of them are glassy. Some of them looked quick and some of them weren't. That's the thing. That is the thing with links golf. Some greens are higher than others and there are different speeds throughout the day, but that type of thing evens itself out. It could blow tomorrow morning, I don't know how to approach it, but obviously if I play a good round of golf tomorrow and work my way into the week -- it's obviously a long week. No matter who you are, I think you always get tested at some point during the week. You don't always get off to a flying start and keep it going. It's a platform for which I can build for the rest of the week.

Q. Was it true you couldn't find your driver this morning?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, my driver was misplaced. It somehow got put in a car down to Bedford. And returned promptly.

Q. Was it not till the third hole?
JUSTIN ROSE: Not until the third hole. But fortunately it didn't affect the game plan. I was just trying to get it here by the 7th.

Q. When did you realize the driver was missing?
JUSTIN ROSE: This morning when I picked up my bag and there was a driver in the wrong spot in my bag. So I picked it up, and that's not my shaft. So that shaft -- that club should have been given to someone else. And mine was actually given to that person and driven down to Bedford.

Q. How far had they gone?
JUSTIN ROSE: They were back home in Bedford. A couple of Fooch's mates got a couple of drivers. One of them got my driver. So it was a bit of a comedic start to the day, no doubt.

Q. Did it affect you?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, it didn't, no.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JUSTIN ROSE: You have to see the funny side of that, really. Obviously when we made the call, the guy was coming straight back with it, I knew I would have it by the time I really, really needed out there, toward the 7th and the back nine. The way the course was playing I knew I wasn't going to require the driver for a good couple of hours into my round.

Q. How did it happen?
JUSTIN ROSE: How did it happen? There were a couple of drivers made up for a couple of Fooch's (Mark Futcher) friends. I had three drivers in my bag after yesterday. Two were taken out and given to these two gentlemen, and one was left in my golf bag, it just was the wrong one.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JUSTIN ROSE: That's it.
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