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June 4, 1999

Jim Furyk


LEE PATTERSON: Maybe just a couple comments about your round today, then we'll open it up for questions.

JIM FURYK: I'm obviously happy with the round I played today. I played a good, solid round. No bogeys, five birdies. Looks like a few guys are trying to run, but I kept myself in there today with a good round.

LEE PATTERSON: Any questions?

JIM FURYK: Do we have a stop watch on this one? (Laughing).

Q. When two guys are as hot as they are pulling away, do you get caught up sort of watching the board to see what they're doing sometimes?

JIM FURYK: No, not really. I saw it was Lee and Vijay for a little while. On 18 it looked like Vijay made a double somewhere and Tiger made a bunch of birdies. Lee might have been 11. But not really. They dictate how the tournament's going to play. You know, if they keep playing well on the weekend, no one's really gonna catch them. If they fall a little bit or stay where they are, they give the rest of us a chance to catch up. It was good playing though, for two days.

LEE PATTERSON: Anything else?

Q. What did you do better today than you did yesterday? Just made some long putts or what?

JIM FURYK: I didn't really make any long putts. I think I just kind of kept the mistakes to a minimum today, and I really didn't do anything wrong yesterday. I just didn't really get the ball in the hole that well. A few putts didn't go in here and there. I think I might have hit the ball slightly better today, putted slightly better. Just really just scoring, I really didn't feel like my game was bad or I really did anything poorly yesterday, the ball didn't go in the hole yesterday.

Q. Any one of those birdies? I mean, was there a long one or no?

JIM FURYK: No. I got, like, the longest putt I made was about 20 feet today. That was 7. 15-footer on 3, 20-footer on 7. I had it 3 feet on 10 and 2 feet on 18. Maybe about 10 feet on 15. So they're all reasonably short putts.

Q. What did you hit in on 18?

JIM FURYK: 3-wood, 6-iron.

Q. They talked yesterday about this course getting progressively faster and tougher through the weekend. Was it harder today than it was yesterday or no?

JIM FURYK: Faster or harder?

Q. Both.

JIM FURYK: Early on, I don't think that the golf course playing at 9 o'clock this morning, it was very damp. The first couple holes played very long. But as the day went on, especially for my last, I'll say, four or five holes -- first of all, the newer greens out here are much firmer than the old greens like on the front nine. Once you hit 9, 10, 11, the ball hits and releases, you really don't put much spin on the ball. It wasn't until we got to about 15 that we realized that those greens, the old greens, had also dried out and got firmer than what they were early this morning. Especially the last couple -- 17 and 18 were pretty crusty as far as they're dried out, very firm. It's going to be hard to stop the ball pretty close to those pins. 17, I was surprised how much our balls released.

Q. With the exception of those three guys up on top and yourself, do you think it's having a desired effect on the rest of the field? It doesn't look like anybody's running anywhere today.

JIM FURYK: It's a good, solid golf course. It's not one that, you know, if you get a little impatient, start firing flags and trying to make a bunch of birdies, you can hit it spots out here where you just get yourself in trouble. You end up going the opposite way. So I don't think you can really worry about what those three guys are doing; you just have to play the golf course the best you can and play your own game. There's a way for everyone to play the golf course well, so, you know, for me, I want to play the golf course the way I can get the least amount of strokes. If start firing flags out here, you get yourself in some bad positions.

LEE PATTERSON: Anything else? Thank you.

JIM FURYK: All right.

End of FastScripts….

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