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July 17, 2014

Carol Chaplin

Chris Doyle

Brooke Laine

Nancy McDermid

Gary Quinn


THE MODERATOR:  I would like to introduce the Executive Director of the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority, Carol Chaplin.  Nice to have you here.  We know you have announcements you're happy to make.
CAROL CHAPLIN:  Yes, I am happy.  I'm actually happy to announce, of course, that this is our 25th Anniversary of the American Century Championship, and our good partners from both American Century and NBC Sports are here with us today.
Chris Doyle, American Century Investments, Vice President of Corporate Communications, and Gary Quinn, our good friend, Vice President of Programming and Owned Properties.
Today, we want to honor these two very, very important partners in our community.  You'll hear a lot this week about what this tournament does for us.  And I wanted to introduce Brooke Laine, Mayor Pro Tem for the City of South Lake Tahoe.  She has a very special proclamation to issue to these fine partners of the LTVA's Edgewood Companies and South Lake Tahoe and Douglas County.
BROOKE LAINE:  Thank you, Carol.  It's my honor to be here today on behalf of the mayor and the city of South Lake Tahoe to present to you the following proclamation:
Whereas, the American Century Championship is celebrating 25 years as the number one celebrity sports event in the United States of America;
And whereas, more than 80 sports legends and entertainment personalities will usher in the American Century Championship Silver Anniversary at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course with the winner claiming 125,000 of the $600,000 purse;
And whereas, NBC Sports and NBC Sports Network will televise the event live;
Whereas, tournament title sponsor, American Century Investments, is a leading privately controlled investment firm, which supports research to help find cures for genetically‑based diseases, including cancer, diabetes and dementia, just to mention a few;
Whereas, season passes and daily tickets are available online at tahoesouth.com and tahoecelebritygolf.com.  Also complementary tickets for all military active duty, reservists, National Guard and veterans;
Whereas, the American Century Championship has a history of promoting and fundraising more than $4.2million for nonprofits, including military and first responder causes, including the terrorist acts of September11th, in aid to military veterans with extraordinary needs upon returning home from fighting for America's freedom;
Now, therefore, the City Council of the City of South Lake Tahoe hereby joins in the celebration of the 2014 Celebrity Golf 25th Annual American Century Championship and encourages all community members and visitors to enjoy the golf championships from the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe.
Congratulations to both of you.  Thank you for your continuing coming here and allowing us to show our gem.  It's a beautiful tournament.  We're proud to have you here.  Thank you.
CHRIS DOYLE:  This is an unexpected surprise.  We're a Kansas City‑based company, and we come here for the week, take over the city once a year, and you guys treat us like family.  So that's great.
And I'm a little confused, because we don't have mountains or a giant lake like this in Kansas City, so it takes a little getting used to, but you make it easy.
GARY QUINN:  I've been doing this for 20 years, and this is a very special week for us.  And needless to say, obviously it's very important to have a great title sponsor for the last 15 years.
But the community and the people, obviously the setting is wonderful, but the people are more wonderful.  And I'd like to say to our partners at American Century and Korbel and the town, that our relationship is more of a hug than a handshake, and that's rare in any business.  But to come out and hug the volunteers and see them every year to the wonderful Carol Chaplin, who has done so much in the leadership role for the community, helping us with our relationships, to the golf course, they've been fantastic to us.
Obviously the hotels play a huge part in accommodating all of our guests.  But we couldn't be more grateful for this recognition.  As Chris said, it was very unexpected but a beautiful surprise and it's nice to be recognized.
But please know from everybody at the NBC Sports Group, we could not be more grateful for the way you've just embraced this event since 1990.
There's no place else on earth that you can do something like this and because of the wonderful people of this community and because of this wonderful setting, it's the reason we're standing here today.
So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.  I look forward to coming here every year and hopefully you know it's not about looking back, it's about looking forward, and that's why this event will be here for another 50 years.
So thank you very much.
CAROL CHAPLIN:  As you know, Tahoe South is divided by a state line, but we blur those lines for much of what we do, and we're proud of the fact that we have such a diverse community and we can have this golf tournament here and share the wealth with the whole South Shore.
I'm going to introduce Nancy McDermid, who is one of our Douglas County Commissioners.  Of course, we're in Douglas County right now on the Nevada side, and we have our partners from the city on the California side.  Nancy sits on both of my boards and has for many years and is a long‑time friend and tireless commissioner, as the other commissioners are, and she'll be introducing those.
But we also have a special gift from Douglas County for the two of you, just another recognition of how much we love you and how much we love this event.
NANCY MCDERMID:  Thank you, Carol.  I'm so happy.  The first year that this tournament began, I was a volunteer, and I was assigned to be the guard for Oscar de la Hoya so he would continue to play instead of signing autographs and all of that.  So it was quite an introduction.
In the 25 years, I believe this tournament has generated close to $360million for the South Shore economy.  But beyond that, you have donated to both sides of the state lines to different organizations that do things over $600,000.
We are very grateful for this type of partnership.  And I'd like to introduce our board:  Our chair is Doug Johnson.  Greg Lynn is a commissioner.  Barry Penzel is a commissioner.  And Lee Bonner is a commissioner.  His term is up this year, and Steve Thaler is running for the seat unopposed.  So in January he will join us.  And our interim county manager is Larry Warner, who we're grateful to have.
So we wanted to do something very special.  And so this is the 150th anniversary of the state of Nevada.
We have 150 events that have been dubbed "official events," and this event is one.  And so this plaque says:
Celebrating the 25th Annual American Century Championship, July15th through 20th, 2014, an official Nevada 150 event.
In appreciation of partnership between American Century Investments, NBC Sports, Edgewood Tahoe and the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of this celebrated event in the Silver State.
CHRIS DOYLE:  This is a double surprise we've had today.  It's nice, the recognition is nice, but we actually enjoy doing this event every year.  So I think we would come even if there wasn't an event.
NANCY MCDERMID:  No, we want you to have the event.  (Laughter).
CHRIS DOYLE:  That's the idea.  Thank you very much.
GARY QUINN:  Again, I think that the best thing about the event, and I say this when we do the Gene Upshaw Scholarship award presentation on Sunday to a student, a deserving student who gets a scholarship, the most important thing and the best part of my week is being able to give back to the community.
And while you've got all the glitz and glamour of the Celebrity and the television, what means the most‑‑ even though it's not tons of money‑‑ to be able to look at service organizations across both state lines and see where they need tangible help.
And Chris has worked with us on the charitable donations and how we break those up and we work with Carol and Phil and the community and all you folks, and that's an effort that we are going to continue to focus on and continue to really try to drive as much help as we can to service organizations.  This is a great honor.  I can't thank you guys enough.
NANCY MCDERMID:  Thank you very much.

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