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July 15, 2014

John Farrell


American League – 5
National League ‑ 3

THE MODERATOR:  Okay, we'll take a few questions for John.

Q.  John, beyond winning did you accomplish everything you wanted to in terms of getting guys in and setting it up for Jeter the way you did?
JOHN FARRELL:  I think so, Peter.  We talked to the team yesterday about two obligations I thought we had, that is to get as many people on the field as possible, and to win the game and we were able to do that.  And I thought it was fitting that Glen Perkins and Suzuki are pairing up and teaming up to close this out.
I felt it kind of worked in our favor.  It fell in our laps a little bit to show two hometown guys and send this game off the right way.

Q.  John, as far as when Derek Jeter would come out, how he would come out, how much preparation and communication was there with that whole thing?
JOHN FARRELL:  It went back about a week ago.  In talking with Joe Torre and others, just‑‑he kind of got my thoughts on how we looked to highlight Derek when he came out of the game, where he might hit in the lineup.  We tried to get at least two at‑bats for him.
Picked either the fourth or the fifth inning when would we went on the field for defense to highlight his replacement.  You know what, he has a flare for the dramatic, as we know, two base hits and scores the first run, it worked out pretty well.

Q.  Did he object to those plans to show him off?  He seemed awfully uncomfortable in the first inning.
JOHN FARRELL:  I don't know Derek all that way, but what I do know of him, it's not about him, it's about the game.  And even in our pregame today when he had a chance to speak to the team, he was deflecting any further attention on him.  But he was in agreement.  He was a part of what we set up to highlight him when he came off the field.  So just a consummate professional.

Q.  John, not just as a manager but as a fan, how nice was it to see Trout drive in Jeter off the bat, and with so much talk of Trout being the next generation.
JOHN FARRELL:  I think anybody who's a fan of the game will certainly pick this game to play close attention to.  When you see two guys, I don't want to say at the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of their career, two extremely talented guys, one a surefire Hall of Famer and one who has a darn good start on a career that is hopefully long and productive in Trout's case.

Q.  John, what did you think of Lester and Koji and what they were able to do for you?
JOHN FARRELL:  Against, you know, a star‑studded lineup Koji does what he has done so much, and that's come in and get a key strikeout.  John got his inning of work in, much like we had lined out for every starting pitcher to do just that.
So they were able to say that they walked away from this game tonight knowing they were in it and contributed to the win.

Q.  Koji only had four pitches and says he approached you about not putting him in the save situation if there was one in the ninth inning, so giving him that look, all part of the plan?
JOHN FARRELL:  Yeah, it was.  We talked about it yesterday for him to get an out.  Felt that Kazmir, that was the inning we started to turn things over in the bullpen.  I think Koji led the way with those guys coming out of the pen.
When you have that many closers who are that successful, you are probably not going to make too wrong of a decision.

Q.  John, what was that moment like for you when Jeter was removed from the game and watching him, you know, hugging and shaking hands and even watching the N.L. team watching from their dugout?
JOHN FARRELL:  When you've witnessed a guy have such a great career, there's a moment of celebration, but I think we as fans know that every career can't go on to infinity.  And there's a point and time where things start to close out.  He's able to do things in such a class way that tonight was another example of that.

Q.  John, do you think this game should decide home‑field advantage in the World Series?
JOHN FARRELL:  My personal opinion, I think the overall interleague record is probably more reflective of the American and National Leagues' ability to stack up against one another.  That's my personal opinion.  I am certainly not going to change it, but that's just my view.
THE MODERATOR:  Okay, thank you very much, John.

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