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July 13, 2014

Marc Warren


Q.  What are your thoughts on the way this week has worked out?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, overall, a fantastic week for me, loads of memories to take away.  Another great Scottish Open experience for myself, and coming down 18, obviously disappointed it wasn't me.  But a great ovation from the crowds that were out, and Aberdeen Asset have done an incredible job again this week.   It's a pleasure to play on a golf course as good as this.

Q.  Proud of the way you've played across the whole of the week and the way you've contended on the final day?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, definitely.  Front nine today, ball‑striking was up there with what it's been all week.  Unfortunately putter went cold on me and I just wasn't quite seeing the lines to be honest.  I was hitting good putts but couldn't quite read them.  I had 12‑foot for birdie on the first and misread there, and that was the story of the front nine.
Justin was the opposite.  He was putting seemed to be from outside me most of the time and holing them.  Once he was out to front, he was tough to catch.

Q.  A shame the conditions changed, because it was a markedly different course today.
MARC WARREN:  It was, kind of obviously going a lot more flags and birdies was kind much the key for today, as opposed to the first few days, try to kind of get it in play most of the time.  Had to be a bit more aggressive today.
I would say changed a wee bit at the start of the back nine, started going that way and kind of just lost rhythm in my swing a wee bit and just tried to push a little bit too hard.  But a nice strong finish there was good.

Q.  Quite a championship performance, wasn't it.
MARC WARREN:  It was.  I said to my caddie going down 17, he's been absolutely clinical today.  Hit two poor shots that I seen and both occasions, he hit a really good bunker shot on 15 or 14 I think it was and a beautiful chip on 16 to save par on both occasions.
Really good swings on 18, middle of the green and it was game over after that. He's obviously a cool customer, great frontrunner.  Yeah, it was a great performance.

Q.  The dream scenario wasn't to be, but sometimes you have to tip your hat to the other guy, don't you?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, absolutely.  Not a lot I could have done about that today.  I look at what I've done and could say ball‑striking was really good the front nine and putter was a little bit cold unfortunately.
Justin hit it just as good, obviously holed the putts he needed to.  Once he gets out in front, he's very tough to catch.  The whole day was very clinical.

Q.  How impressive was it from your point of view, the best seat in the house?
MARC WARREN:  Obviously his confidence is high after winning a couple weeks ago in America, and you could see that today, absolutely no mistakes.  I think he made two bad swings all day,  and even they were a fraction out, but relied on his short game when he needed to.  Yeah,  obviously I don't like being on the end of it, but it was a pleasure to watch.

Q.  What were the main positives you'll take from this week?
MARC WARREN:  You know, I think ball‑striking was really good this week, putting for the most part was excellent.  I would say the front nine today, I was misreading a lot of putts.
Whatever reason, I don't know, but back nine there, I would say I lost a bit of rhythm with my swing.  But the last few holes it all kind of came back together again which is pleasing.
For me I was just trying to finish third, really.  Kristoffer birdied the last two holes, and good birdie on 17, hit a really good 9‑iron, holed a good putt there.

Q.  You've qualified for The Open already.  How excited are you about going there in this sort of form?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, very.  Obviously it's going to be kind of a similar makeup golf course next week as to what we had this week.  Confidence obviously really high, really comfortable with everything I'm doing.  Don't need to go there and try to find anything.  Just get a real good look at the golf course and hopefully a week similar to this.

Q.  A word for Royal Aberdeen and the fans, tremendous support?
MARC WARREN:  Yeah, they have been incredible all week.  This golf course has lived up to its billing.  First time I played it this week and it far exceeded my expectations.  Aberdeen Asset, as well, are an incredible sponsor for this tournament and it continues to grow and grow.  Continuing to play on courses like this shows Scotland in a great light all over the world.

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