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July 10, 2005

Todd Hamilton


Q. Talk about your round today and your week here at the John Deere Classic.

TODD HAMILTON: I think overall the week was pretty good. I made a lot of silly mistakes, missed greens with 9 irons or three putted like the last hole. Hopefully I can rectify those for next week.

Q. Is this the kind of week that you wanted to have going into next week?

TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, it was nice to see some positive things, not just for one day but four days. I haven't really done that this year. Last week I did it for about three days and had a tough final day, but it seemed like this week was a lot better, saw a lot of positive things, so I'm looking forward to that continuing next week.

Q. How special is it playing in Illinois and having all the support out here these last four days?

TODD HAMILTON: Oh, it's nice. I'm glad I gave them a little something to cheer about. I would love to some day win this event. I'll never forget my first one, the Honda Classic, in Florida. As I said, I'll never forget the British Open victory, and if some day I could win here, that would be something I'd never forget.

Q. The blood has got to be pumping now, this is a huge week coming up for you after a big week here.

TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, going over there with a bit of confidence is nice. Obviously it's a completely different style of golf so I don't think the preparation here is going to affect how I play next week, but it was nice to get a little bit of confidence, and hopefully that will lead me to a good solid week next week.

Q. Was it hard to put next week in the back of your mind while you were out here this week or was there a little bit of an overlap there?

TODD HAMILTON: To be honest, I never even thought about next week. I'll have a couple days of practicing and playing the golf course when I get over there, and I never even thought about next week this week.

Q. Will there be a Todd Squad going over there next week?

TODD HAMILTON: I think my wife and kids are going. I've got a few friends that are going to be going, but that's it.

Q. The mindset has got to be so much different from a year ago. You were rather frustrated when you left here, and now you're going to be probably a top 20 finisher.

TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, it's nice. Hopefully what I did, the positives that I had this week, will give me a little bit of confidence. I mean, I didn't I mean, if I eliminate all the little things, I'm sure every player can say that, but just silly things, three putts and duffed chips and things like that, who knows what could have happened.

Q. What sort of welcome do you anticipate at St. Andrews, being the defending champ?

TODD HAMILTON: I hope it will be a good one. Obviously as a second year player, I may not be as well known as a lot of other guys, but as the defending Open champ, I would think a lot more people would know me than if I were just say the Honda Classic winner.

Q. Speaking of that, it's got to be a special feeling going over for Jack's last tournament as defending champion this year. Have you thought about that?

TODD HAMILTON: Not really. I know it'll be a special event for him. I'm sure he will have probably a lot more attention put on him than I will on myself. Obviously he's gone through a lot more ups and downs in his career than I have, and I'm sure he'll be able to handle it with a dry eye.

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