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July 13, 2014

Joe Durant


Q. Great round, 4-under and you probably left some out there from what I understand.
JOE DURANT: I played very well. I had a clean card today which is always nice. Made one good save on No. 9. I left a few out there but I just hit a really -- lot of really good shots.

Q. Your fairways, I don't think you missed one today.
JOE DURANT: Drove it beautifully today. That sets everything up here. If you don't hit it in the fairway it's a constant battle. I drove it good, hit a lot of good solid iron shots and seemed to have good numbers today, too. I didn't have to try to manufacture shots. The wind was down a little bit.

Q. I bet your buddy Hal set up to it.
JOE DURANT: Couldn't have been better.

Q. What did you do on 15 center?
JOE DURANT: 15, I hilt a 3-wood. I ripped it. I killed it but it flew into the bank and stuck and trickled back down. I had a tough pitch. Hit a good shot, came up a little short. Got on the green, little short, missed the putt. That's an interesting set-up because it's an awkward number. Driver was going to go way through and couldn't get there with 3-wood.

Q. Realistically if you would have made them all, what would you have --
JOE DURANT: I don't know. Two, three more, probably, being realistic about it. I had a lot of good looks. Hit a lot of good putts.

Q. Did you like it?
JOE DURANT: This week was absolutely fantastic. Thank the people here at Oak Tree enough for the hospitality and unbelievable facility, great set-up. The whole week was fantastic
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