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July 13, 2014

Bill Glasson


Q. How nice is it to be taking a red number back with you?
BILL GLASSON: You said optimistic. What's wrong with you? You're wearing an OU shirt. You're color blind but that's all right. Anyway, what was the question?

Q. How big is it for you to be able to head back to Stillwater with that red number?
BILL GLASSON: You know, I played -- score seems kind of irrelevant. I tried -- I played hard every day, made a couple more putts today and that's the only difference. I didn't really hit it any better. I still struggled around the golf course, made my chip outs here and there and, you know, still just a little disappointed in my ball striking which I have to hit it well to play well. It's obviously nice to shoot 70 or whatever instead of 80 but I won't sleep any better tonight. You know what I mean? It's always good to play a decent round. It was solid. I probably didn't really -- you know, again, like I told you, I felt like I could shoot 64 or 80 and, you know, I could have gone either way. I just didn't know which way it was going to be. You know, I just go home and take a day off and start working on it. You know, the bad thing is it's put some kind of negative thoughts in my mind about what I was working on before and that's kind of the rub of the whole week is trying to stay the course and continue to work on what I was working on prior to this week. That's the probably problem with having a bad week, all of a sudden it gets in your head and you start questioning what you're doing and so, I take a day off and start working on it again.

Q. What's it like to come home to your home state and just play in a Major of this magnitude?
BILL GLASSON: It's huge. It was unsettling because -- you can ask Willie or Bob, it just gets us out of our routine. We're such creatures of habit and routines. We didn't know what to do, at least speaking for myself, I didn't know what to do. It was Thursday and I didn't know what day it was because I didn't do the same things, thus, I didn't feel like I was really ever ready. I mean I was overprepared early, then underprepared when the time came. I really never knew what day it was because we're such creatures of habit and you know, again, it's awesome to have the experience and if we get to do it again, I think maybe I'll go to Minnesota and commute or something and fly in and do the hotel thing and try to make it as normal as I can make it for me.

Q. Is this the toughest you've ever seen the course play?
BILL GLASSON: You know, I don't play here that much but if it hadn't rained whenever it was, Wednesday, Thursday, it -- this is nothing compared to what it could have been. It started playing a lot different the last few days, balls were kind of running off into the rough, you know, like it's designed to do and the greens -- the greens were never going to get as firm or fast I think as it could have because of the heat. They didn't want to lose the greens and to stress these greens out would have been unreasonable. But, you know, with the rough and the fairways running, that gives the course enough defense where you couldn't really attack the pin locations but since it did rain, that's why people are under par. If it hadn't rain I don't think anybody would have been under par. That's what I was thinking coming into the week that, you know, anything around par around here is pretty good. They did a nice job of setting it up, taking into consideration we're old and stuff like that. You know, they mixed it up. They had a good variety of long and short. You know, overall, I thought they did a nice job. I would have liked to see them move the tee up on 12 or whatever, that par 5 instead of the other one. I thought that would have been a nice little change, give you a shot because otherwise it's just a layup hole but that would have been interesting. Other than that, I thought they did a nice job.

Q. You mentioned yesterday the wind out of the south kind of played against your game, didn't seem to be blowing as much today. Do you feel that kind of helped your game?
BILL GLASSON: That's a good point. That was my preparation was for the south wind all week and trying -- if you remember, try to kind of hit a rollover draw coming in with all those crosswinds and I was never really able to get comfortable with that. So, today was -- the wind was what, ten miles an hour less, 15 miles an hour and that's why people are under par, you know. It's pretty easy to figure out. You know, you give us a little bit of a break and we're still good enough where we can tear it up a little bit and the wind being down was one, a shock. I thought we moved to like California or something overnight but -- little windy this morning and then it just never really picked up like it's been. It made you think a little bit. Club selection didn't change much on the tee balls because the downwind holes were still firm enough where you were getting a little better rollouts but just the fact that it wasn't, you know, blowing your hat off your head was kind of a shock in a way so and then, again, the scores are reflective of the fact that it's not blowing 20 to 25 like it was yesterday. It will be interesting to see how the leaders do. That's a whole different kind of pressure -- it's easier for us because -- we've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. You can see the guys in my timeframe shoot decent scores. It will be interesting to see if the leaders can kind of do the same thing, follow suit.
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