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July 12, 2014

Rocco Mediate


Q. What happened along the way?
ROCCO MEDIATE: The U.S. Open. Just nasty conditions out there. 3-putted 17. Drove it right on 18. I worked so hard. You do that on 17. All the air gone. But I had a good putt on 18. I played decent. I'm kind of smoke and mirrors this week. I'm really not playing that well. It will eventually catch up with you. That's what happened. I really actually hit a really good shot on 17. Good tee shot on 16. Kicked it. It's a U.S. Open. Those things are going to happen. I would just love to have zipped in two more birdies, but that doesn't happen on this deal. The golf course is nasty today. It's good.

Q. That usually fits your MO. You like U.S. Open golf.
ROCCO MEDIATE: Absolutely love it. But I got nothing this week, really. Short game is ridiculous right now. That's why I'm still somewhere in semblance of a decent score. I mean, ridiculous.

Q. When you practiced here last Saturday you said you loved the course. Do you still love it?
ROCCO MEDIATE: Absolutely love it. Absolutely love it. You always go back and say is there a crappy hole, a shitty setup? There isn't. There are some good pins today. But 17, like I said, it's back up in that corner. I played the perfect shot, 25 feet right of the hole. I make 4. Just one of those things. No, it's nothing. It's perfect. Absolutely fine out there.

Q. Anything changed about the course over the week?
ROCCO MEDIATE: Little softer. Greens were firmer before the rains came. They were much firmer. That's the only thing that changed. Fairways, they're running. But greens are definitely softer still, still. But not that it makes it easy but maybe a touch easier. Balls will stay on the green now.

Q. What number do you think would have been good to be at in the clubhouse?
ROCCO MEDIATE: Anything around par for me would have been good for me. A couple under would have been great, anything like that. It's hard to go out and shoot a low score. Someone will shoot 4-under or 5-under. Won't be many of them.

Q. Oftentimes when guys shoot pretty high numbers, don't get a little bit lower, as a group, they criticize a U.S. Open or a tougher tournament, one of the majors.

Q. I haven't heard that with this golf course, though, or the setup.
ROCCO MEDIATE: No, it's just good. There's really nothing else to say. There's plenty of places to drive your ball, plenty of room. The greens are receptive. The rough is brutal, like it's supposed to be. If you hit it in there, it's a nightmare. It's just hard. Like I say, I like to play two of these a month and have the other two easier. Otherwise we lose our mind. No, I'm not surprised people are not complaining here. I wouldn't complain at any Open because it's an Open. It's a test of not just the physical skill. Some semblance of mental skill that's left in some of us.

Q. How often do you think about your dual with Tiger? Because every time we see you, people talk about it.
ROCCO MEDIATE: People always ask me about it. It's not a bad thing to be asked about. I don't like to think about it myself that often. You know, that's been six years, believe it or not. Isn't that amazing? Feels like it was a week ago. I don't really pay much attention to it. People always ask. That's fine. I never get mad. I always say I lost. What do you think about the Open in '08? I lost. That's the smart answer I give back.

Q. Any idea what Tiger will do at the British Open?
ROCCO MEDIATE: He's got to fix his golf swing. I have said it before; I will say it again. That's what caused the injury and it will cause it again if it doesn't change. I have been through it. I know exactly what I'm talking about in that situation. Don't know much about anything else, but I do know about that. I hope he does, because we need him back where he belongs, period.
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