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July 12, 2014

Bill Glasson


Q. Looks like you were doing great until the last couple three holes.
BILL GLASSON: Okay. If you say so (smiling). Yeah, you know, it's just, you know, a foot here and a foot there. I made some bogeys with short irons, which you really can't do. That's what kind of got me sideways, a couple 9-iron bogeys, one wedge bogey, 7-iron bogey, and that set kind of the tone for the day. When you only make two birdies, it's hard to play catchup. Hit a couple of decent shots and ended up not so good. Fairways were kind of moving a little bit more today, and a couple of balls ended up, you know, running off into the rough by six inches or something. You know, the case on 10 and a couple other holes, my second nine, par-5 7, same thing, just a foot here and a foot there, it's probably a lot better.

Q. Looked like you had a different putter from yesterday. Did you go back to Thursday's?
BILL GLASSON: Yeah, I went back to Thursday's. Not for any reason. I just didn't roll the ball yesterday. I didn't necessarily putt terribly. It's just I'm looking for a roll, you know, a ball to kind of just start rolling a little bit faster. Tried to change my setup position a little bit. But again, I'm not seeing the shots, you know. The course is just not fitting my eye this week, and that was a concern of mine I told you all week. It's just not my shots not fitting right now; I'm having a hard time committing to what I'm trying to do.

Q. Do you feel like the ball was rolling a little bit better?
BILL GLASSON: Yeah. I just didn't have enough chances. I just wasn't hitting it close enough or -- I hit a couple decent putts today. Not all good putts go in. So, you know, I thought I had a chance the times that I had a birdie putt. That's the other problem you have. When you have so few, there is a lot of pressure to make the few that you have. You know, consequently, you start pushing and forcing a little, probably a little bit too hard. But again, you know, tee to green, it really has very little to do with my putting. I was just having again a hard time just seeing, seeing my shot here. It's always been that way. You know, that's nothing new. I was hoping, coming back here and playing again, that I could fit the ball a little bit better, but it just hasn't worked so far.

Q. The birdie putts you did make, how long were they?
BILL GLASSON: Let's see. You're testing me here. About four feet on 5. And I made about a 12-footer on the par-3. Two days in a row I made birdie there. Kind of a shock in itself. But, yeah, I made two birdies I think each day. It's hard to play with very erratic ball striking. That's kind of my story. Just, you know, again, hopefully I will get something out of tomorrow. I think I'm swinging decent. I made a couple of changes today to try to again better fit my ball to the holes, and, you know, it's hard when you get into a crosswind. For me, I have to move the ball into the wind, and I'm just not able to control the amount of curve on my ball right now. And I knew that. That's what I practiced for coming into this is a south wind, and there would be a lot of tight draws I'd have to be hit to hold the wind. Just a couple of my draws have been a little bit of a pull and just not working.

Q. The crowd looked thinner the last few days. Especially with some of your crowd, is it nice to see the numbers pick up for the weekend?
BILL GLASSON: Oh, yeah. I mean, it was tough late yesterday, because the booze started taking over in the tents, you know, along the back over there, and a little hooting and hollering going along. I don't know if I was more jealous or distracted. Yeah, late in the day, it gets a little bit challenging, I guess.

Q. Still better than being at a county club, though?
BILL GLASSON: Oh, yeah. I run the risk of embarrassing myself here with my play. You know, I kind of avoid that at the club. If it's bad, I just go home. Here I kind of have to gut it out and hope I don't start hemorrhaging on the way in. You know, I parred 18. First time I have done that this week. So, you know, I'm having fun. I mean, people come watch me, they feel worse for me than I feel for me. I feel bad for them. You know, they're watching this exhibition when they probably would be better served doing something else. It's nice. Again, you know, it's not that I'm playing horribly. I just -- it's just not clicking right now. But I guess you hear that from about, you know, 100 guys this week or 155 by the end of the week or thereabouts. But that's what a good golf course does to you. Just, you know, really makes your weaknesses, you know, come to the front. Again, you know, I am just not controlling my ball. Every shot looks hard to me. Every fairway looks like it's about three yards wide and every green looks like it's got a big hump in the middle. Other than that, I feel pretty good about it.
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