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July 12, 2014

Willie Wood


WILLIE WOOD: Sloppy golf for me today. I felt fine. I thought I was going to be just fine and I birdied my 5th hole to get back to 1-over and then made bogies on three out of the next four and then hung in and made bunch of pars on the next 9 and doubled my last hole to really kind of turn an okay round into a pretty poor round. So, it's disappointing, to say the least.

Q. Bob was saying the course isn't the same when you guys usually play it. Is that kind of the most frustrating part of this whole thing, feeling like you kind of know that it's changed a little bit?
WILLIE WOOD: We knew it was going to be difficult as far as rough is concerned. We don't play this much rough but we usually have our radios on, our shorts on and our tennis shoes on. We always -- it can play difficult all the time if you get the greens firm and fast and that's kind of where they are. I'd like to see it like this all the time except for a little bit less rough. I think the members would have a tough time with this much rough there, but I think I might start playing the forward -- my -- the tee markers farther forward like that commercial said, you know, "Play It Forward".

Q. Willie, are you just a masochist or a product of Mike Holder, you want to see it play this hard?
WILLIE WOOD: Well, I think it's a golf course that's known to be a difficult, difficult golf course and I know my friends who have seen it now agree, you know, that it's very challenging and -- but the golf course is in great, great shape. That's the way it should be for a Major Championship is very challenging and I know that there's been courses in the past that they played Senior Open on, Inverness to name one, and I think the winning score was about 16-under and they were very frustrated that everybody tore it up. They're not going to tear this one up.

Q. How about the birdie you had?
WILLIE WOOD: I had a birdie on the 5th hole. I made a nice putt up the hill from about 30 feet and then I birdied the par 5 14th hole from -- almost knocked it on in two and hit a little chip about four feet from the hole. Those were my two highlights. Not very lengthy.

Q. Not many people have low scores today.
WILLIE WOOD: Are the scores higher? It's a shame I made a double on that last hole. I could have held my ground with a 75.

Q. What did you do?
WILLIE WOOD: I hit a perfect drive down the middle and trying to hold a 4-iron into the wind and I hooked it. It -- then it hit the cart path and then it went way over the green and I was dead.

Q. That shot you had, the third shot on 18 is probably an example of the difficulty, impossible.
WILLIE WOOD: I was 40 yards from the green, maybe 45 yards from the pin and I couldn't get it on the green. I had nowhere to go but to try to figure out where I could miss it to get it up and down. So that's where I tried to put it. Caught a bad lie there and had nothing. So, it was -- I deserve it hitting that shot I did, I deserve at least a bogey.

Q. Not a double. What's the goal for tomorrow?
WILLIE WOOD: Probably similar wind conditions but I'll play awfully early so I mean I'd like to shoot something around 70. You know, breaking 70 would be really nice. I know I can do it.

Q. Aren't you at least happy you made the cut and you're here and still playing on your home course for the final couple days?
WILLIE WOOD: I think it's kind of bittersweet. I'm happy -- yes, I'm happy I'm home but I certainly would like to have performed better and maybe I can finish it off good tomorrow.

Q. (Inaudible)?
WILLIE WOOD: Yes, I am. Did Bob play okay today?

Q. Same score as you.
WILLIE WOOD: Shoot, we may play again.

Q. Gil was 72, 73.
WILLIE WOOD: He passed us. Maybe Bob and I will play together tomorrow. At least that will be a highlight.
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