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September 8, 2005

Todd Hamilton


Q. A nice 3 under 67 for a start, just your thoughts on the round and the course in general.

TODD HAMILTON: I tell you, the course is in great shape. It's a very difficult course and it's a championship golf course. For me, nothing against the golf course, but I don't care for it visually. It seems like all of the holes go right to left; my ball flight goes the opposite way. So when I stand over a shot on a tee shot, I really have to focus and make sure I've got a good target and not just getting out there and hitting a shot without good focus.

So it's a really tough golf course if you're not hitting the ball well. Just because you drive it in the fairway doesn't mean you're going to play well, because you've got to hit good irons into very small targets and they are tough targets. You can hit the ball great and feel like you played pretty good and not score very well.

Q. Your score shows that you had a pretty good day.

TODD HAMILTON: Today was good. If you had seen me the last three days playing out here, you would have not believed that I would have shot 3 under today. I wasn't in a very good mood. My game was off. For some reason today I didn't I didn't really focus on the results of the shot. I focused on the setup and picking the target and everything. I didn't focus on what the end result of the shot was, and I think that was the difference. Plus, I made a couple putts.

Q. Is inaudible?

TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, there's always going to be somebody that scores well or a couple of guys. We got the greens in good shape early this morning. They were holding. That's not hardly any wind it might pick up a little bit this afternoon. It's always nice when you have the early time, especially when it's the first round, to shoot a good score.

Q. (Inaudible.)

TODD HAMILTON: ... last year, why do you think you're not playing well; did the wind have something to affect why you're playing poorly; are you playing poorly because your expectations are a little higher. Or, if you have a good round, you know, you haven't played very well since the British last year, what can you attribute your good round to. I mean, it will always be there and I recognize that and I have no problem with that.

Q. The exemption, does that make things easier or harder?

TODD HAMILTON: Definitely easier. I think some guys, maybe they get an exemption, such as a five year exemption, which is what I got for winning last year, maybe they don't focus as well as they should. They know they have got the five years left, and it might show in their play. They may go, be a very streaky player where they don't play well for two or three months and then they have a good week. That's kind of what I not that I haven't focused on playing well, that's what I've done this year. I haven't done anything consistently. My best finish is about 15th or something like that.

I've really been struggling with my putting the whole year, which is something I'm normally halfway decent at, and if you don't do something well that you're used to doing well, it kind of throws everything off and I think that's where I'm at this year.

Q. Still looking to finish the year well?

TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, when I going home, I'm going to play golf with my friends. I may as well go out and win a couple hundred thousand instead of five bucks from them.

Q. Last year at the Open, there was some talk that you had a caddie that was from Vancouver?

TODD HAMILTON: That's correct.

Q. Did you guys ever resume that?

TODD HAMILTON: Yeah, he couldn't get a work Visa to get in the States. He had tried to come over and caddie 2003, I believe it was, up in New York for a tournament. I was still playing in Japan at that time, but I got an invite to the PGA Championship, and they stopped him at the border. I don't know how they found out that he was going in there to caddie, but they stopped him and wouldn't let him in. And I assume when that happened, every time he tries to go across the border, now he's got this big red X or black X or whatever.

Actually when I got my card, we knew we had to do paperwork which we were in the process of card fall of 2003, he was going to start caddying 2004 without the paperwork, but we were doing it. In Hawaii he said he had an aunt out there and was going to go out there and he was going to visit her and they wouldn't let him leave Vancouver. Again, I'm sure when they scanned his passport, it's in there, look, this guy is a pro golf caddie, and the guy I guess knew that there was a tournament in Hawaii that week. Eventually the guy there's a lawyer in Dallas who was doing all of the paperwork for me and he was recommended by the TOUR. Eventually the guy just decided to drop the case because of all that. I actually saw him, he went back to Japan and caddied last year. I saw him last November for a week. I heard from a friend of his yesterday that he's here around this area this week. He's not back in Japan caddying. I don't even know if he still does that anymore.

Q. What's his name?

TODD HAMILTON: Jeff Mulberry. I assume he's still caddying but I don't know.

Q. How long was he on your bag?

TODD HAMILTON: Two years. He brought me a lot of good luck. My second year with him in 2003 we won four times together, that was the first time I had won in about five years over there. So we had a few beers that year for sure.

End of FastScripts.

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